81-year-old Montreal nun found beaten to death

14 08 2007


Once in a while a news story happens that truly makes you sit back in your chair, take a deep breathe, and wonder about what kind of sickos are out there – and on our streets.

Montreal had one such story yesterday.

A frail elderly nun, who devoted her life God’s work, was senslessly murdered.

Who in their right (or wrong) mind could harm a nun?

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15 08 2007

I know exactly what you mean – sometimes i feel physically sick when i read the news or see it on TV.

I can’t understand what’s happened to society – it didn’t used to be like this. I was born in the early 1950’s ( a genteel time after the war when people were much kinder to each other) and then I was a teenager in the sixties (when it was all peace, love and flower power).

Today the world seems so hard, and angry and violent. What has gone wrong?

15 08 2007

I just don’t know. . . . i really don’t.

physically sick. . . yes. . .that is how I felt when I read about this.

she spent her life helping others. . .and this is how we all repay her, beating her to death by physical force.

Her death was not a quick and ‘painless’ one. . . .

15 08 2007

I like to watch the local news to know what’s happening in my community but I can’t watch news like this. I change the channel.

It’s not that I can’t watch news like this, it’s that I’ve decided that my life is better off without news like this in it on a daily basis.

I also don’t understand the “torture” movies that are popular now (Hostel, Saw, Touristas, etc.). People have always been a violent bunch, though, so I don’t think anything’s going to change anytime soon.

15 08 2007

The world is a freaking scary place now. . . .

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