Emo Image Thursday – Skull Edition

9 08 2007

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8 responses

10 08 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

Skulls are the best. I spent many hours drawing skulls* when I was at college and when we had a boat we used to fly the skull and crossbones.

*Not human skulls – sheep, pig, cow, rabbit, fox etc. – if I had had a human skull I would have drawn it, obviously!

10 08 2007

skulls are pretty cool. Although I probably wouldn’t think so if i found one. .. human or not. . .

10 08 2007

Skulls are fun, you can make percussion instruments out of them if you want.

I wonder why there are no emo bands playing skulls.

13 08 2007

I’m not sure if they teach percussion skull playing in grade 6 music class. . .

15 08 2007

no, that would be wrong, but cool nontheless

15 08 2007


Thanks for that Sean

25 05 2008
18 06 2008

the 5kull5 are PERFECT

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