At Least My Hair Doesn’t Look Like Crap

8 08 2007

I’ve had a rough day. . . I had a bunch of frustrations at work, topped with not being able to go to the cottage like we planned.

Today more than many others I needed a Holly Golightly get-away! Similar to Tiffany’s for Holly – getting my hair done is a simply divine indulgence!

I had made an appointment last week to get my hair colour fixed. . . with family gatherings, visiting family and inevitable holiday photos I wanted my hair to look tip top.

Lisa the little Greek Goddess of Hair (aka my colourist) decided to pack up and move back to Greece, so this was my first visit with a new colourist Sue.

She is the colourist all the colourists go to to have their hair done, and she is hard to get an appointment with, especially since many of Lisa’s clients are trying to get in with her as well.

I was one of the lucky!

Sue sat with me and talked about my options (I’m trying to Camouflage grey hairs).

It was nice to sit and forget about the day I had. (I won’t go into any further details, remember I’ve already had one Joey Pitty Party today)

I had a nice cuppa of tea, with warm frothy milk (Which even if Daddy-O doesn’t believe me, was lovely – kept the tea warmer longer, and it was creamier!).  I read a rag magazine, got a lovely head massage, and a quickie blowout after the wash (today wasn’t a ‘cut’ day)

I’m feeling better, a little more optimistic and not quite so stressed. . . .

So, what do you think? Colour good? I can’t believe how long my hair is getting! I’m not cutting it until after Sonia’s wedding next year. . . .




5 responses

9 08 2007

Gorgeous hair!

9 08 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

Cat’s eyes with long hair – fantastic.

“A nice cup of tea with frothy milk?!?” – oh dear

9 08 2007

thanks Jan… .

Hey Daddy, play nice. . . . .

I know all about yous English way of tea. . . I lived there for 3 years. The only thing of English tea I truly brought back. A love of Earl Grey and warming the mug up first. . . .

No watery overly milky no sugar tea for me. . . .

But a nice tea biscuit wouldn’t have gone a miss!


9 08 2007

You have Minou eyes! Your hair looks great and very long!

9 08 2007

its getting long. . . .I might post a new picture of my hair in the back once I get to put a straight iron on it. . . .

its far more impressive then. . . .


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