Cats on Tuesday

7 08 2007


Minou sitting in the bathroom window.




7 responses

8 08 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

That is one cool cat – if I catch Gertrude on a window ledge there will be trouble. Actually he’s in trouble already – llama pornography!!

8 08 2007

radiator cat IZ hot!

PS: I just love the idea of Cats on Tuesday! Long may it continue!

8 08 2007

poor Gertrude! hahahahah!

Jan, its a Technorati thing. . . .. been around for a while, just not many people participate it looks like.

Click on the link, and it takes you to the cats on tuesday page where you can see even more cute kitties.

8 08 2007

Very pretty kitty!

8 08 2007

Thank you very much. . . . .

She really is lovely, even if she is grump. Very very lovely.

And the softest fur ever!

10 08 2007

I’ve decided I like cats, although you wouldn’t have gotten an admission like that from me a year ago.

13 08 2007

Cats have a ton more human like personalities. . . .

They are little furry people. . . .

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