It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later :)

6 08 2007

I’ve been officially tagged by Tracy to do the 8 random things about me meme, her post is here.

I’ve seen it popping up here and there on most of my usual haunts, most of said usual haunts have given up on continuing tagging (we just keep tagging the same people hehehe) – so I was never officially tagged for this one, and because I am such a creature of habit the people I’d most likely tag have already been tagged

. . . . . . So basically,  I tag no one officially for this one, but please feel free to take the rules and continue this happy little meme on your own little place of the blogosphere! 🙂


  1. Post these rules before you give your facts
  2. List 8 random facts about yourself
  3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
  4. Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged


When I started my blog, I actually did a list of 100+ things about me, if you want read that – my post is here

So, with that in mind – I’m switching things up a bit. I was talking to a colleague at work, and she thinks I’m eccentic, with all my funny “ticks” – so I’m doing a list of

8 Wacky Funny or Rather Weird “Ticks” of Joey (I think I’m admitting to OCD with this post!!!)



  1. I have food phobias. I’m sure there is an actual “phobia” for it, but I’ve never been able to find it. I can’t eat foods that I can associate to something else that grosses me out.
  2. I constantly chew pens. In fact I always have a pen in my pocket if I need a “snack”
  3. Tags on my bedding MUST be on the bottom left hand side. I’m like the Princess and the Pea, I KNOW when they are not in that position. I have even gone as far as re making hotel beds because the tags were not in the right place. (I can’t just rip the tags off, because I would still need where ever the tag was to be at the bottom left, its easier and more efficient just to have the tags on – makes this neurosis a little easier to handle)
  4. I am petrified of ferris wheels. I don’t like heights, but the idea of being stranded at the top until other riders get off scares me – swaying back and forth – no where to go. Also, I nearly fell out of one as a child, so I have bad memories too.
  5. I brush my hair equal amounts of times on each side of my head. This is also true for brushing my teeth, washing my face and my hands.
  6. I must have a schedule. I don’t like total spontaneity. I like to know I’m somewhere for a period of time, if we’re spontaneous during the scheduled time, hurrrah!
  7. I can clean hair out of the drains, but I can’t clean food out of the kitchen sink. Its just ewwwwwy.
  8. When I sleep I must have my feet and shoulders covered, the rest of me can be as natural as the day I was born. . .



8 responses

6 08 2007

Very interesting stuff! Regarding #1, I think a lot of people have that kind of phobia. As for #3, it’s pretty weird, but somehow I can understand. I’m with you all the way on #4. I think the hair brushing thing is pretty funny — hope you don’t mind my saying so! 🙂

7 08 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

Oh good, you’re as nutty as the rest of us.

7 08 2007

Joey, joey, Joey – you are one weird chick!!!!! Lol! Now i know why we have so much in common.

7 08 2007

Penseroso. . . .no problem! hahahaha As for number 1. . . I didn’t go into much detail. If I did, you’d see its actually a ‘weird’ thing too. Lets just say spagetti in tomato sauce can make me heave on sight. . . . .

Daddy Papersurfer . . . .I’ll take nutty like the rest of us, but I’m convinced that a man with a live Llama hat stand wearing pajamas can’t be pointing fingers 😉

Jan. . . . glad to hear, I was starting to wonder about you too! 😉

7 08 2007
D. Peace

You’re not the first person I’ve met who’s afraid of ferris wheels. I think the fact that it moves more slowly actually makes it scarier for some people because it gives them time to be creeped out and they can picture themselves getting stuck at the top for eternity.

As for the other stuff, you’re just neurotic. 😉 (joking).

I was tagged and completed the same meme. It’s been going around like a fucking flu lately.

7 08 2007

EXACTLY, I had you in mind to tag actually. . . .


8 08 2007

The only one I can relate to is the desire for schedule.

I don’t like spontaneity either.

8 08 2007

I don’t mind spontaneity, as long as it fits into the schedule. . . . .

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