Lake Clean

5 08 2007

Colin and I are going to a friends cottage next weekend, and then up to the big nickel to see P&K.

I’ve been slowly gathering up my “outdoor” clothes, and getting toiletries and stuff together to be away for a few days.

I just had my hair coloured (or my greys covered depending on how you want to look at it), so in the spirit of trying to keep my newly coloured coif in near mint condition as long as possible I bought a swimming cap (at the dollar store) for lake side romps.

Well. . . . . .

Colin is having none of it.

He is currently calling me great aunt Gertrude.

This is paired with the less than silent rumblings of “When you are in the lake, you are cleaner than clean – you are LAKE CLEAN. There is no cleaner clean than Lake Clean. NONE!!!!”

Although I am simply giddy to be having a few days off, and spending some time in some of Canada’s most beautiful land, I am however not looking forward to days without soap, shampoo and most of all conditioner for my hair. The madness of it all!

So here is my question to all you cottagers and campers a like. Is being “natural” the same as being “clean”????

Anyways, I have a small shopping list I plan to take care of tomorrow at WalMart, and Biodegradable shampooing and conditioner are at the top of the list.

As for the swimming cap, I’ve been wearing it around the house all weekend. I’ve been telling Colin its so he gets used to it, but mainly I’m wearing it cause it ticks him off. (Plus its been keeping my hair out of my face as I’ve been sewing!)

Less than a week till some time off. . . . I’m go looking forward to the R&R!

I’m in desperate need of a recharge!

I’m planning on doing a little fishing on the dock, and maybe learning to canoe. We’ll see how it all goes.


by popular request :

My swimming cap! 🙂

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7 responses

6 08 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

A perfect combination with that frock of Fracas’s – you’ll be stunning

6 08 2007

true true!!!! Ewwwwwww! hahahahahah

6 08 2007

LMAOLMAOMLMAOMALAMO! Pleeeeeeeease post a pic. 🙂
Bio idea is great but no matter what I never feel clean unless its after a shower…
P.S. remember to post a pic…even one when you’re sewing with the cap on. Does it have daisies on it?

6 08 2007

Ok, I’ll take a picture of myself tonight with my swim cap.

No! it doesn’t have daisies, its more like a graphic “Pucci” pattern . . . .

Stylish either way if you ask me!


6 08 2007

I have re-read what I wrote.

I DO sound like Old Auntie Gertude with the sewing and all. . .

if I start knitting afgans God help us all!!!

7 08 2007

Cool Cap!

7 08 2007


I can hook you up. . .just say the word Katie!!

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