Not The Scariest Guy On the Train

3 08 2007

Colin commutes to work on the train. Normally he gets a row of seats to himself, even when the train is hot, busy and crowded.

Colin is a big, broad man. His large frame slumped into the seats, mustach and goatee, dark sunglasses listening to his iPod. Shoulders hunched and arms crossed, usually wearing a biker hoodie.

Needless to say, if you didn’t know Colin he perhaps doesn’t have the air of the most approachable person on the train, and simple not the person you want to sit next to. Either that or a younger blonde member of ZZ Top – and I believe its a common fear to be afraid of ZZ Top.

Tonight, someone DID sit with Colin on the train. And HE was the scariest guy on the train.

Meet Skull Face. . . .

Picture Source

I couldn’t believe that a quick Google search actually found pictures of the guy!!

For those who are interested in body modification, and extreme tattoos you might have already seen this guy (who’s name I couldn’t find). What I was able to find out about our friend is that he is from Montreal, (still lives here) and had this extreme tattoo done at Derm FX Tattoo by “Frank” here in Montreal.

What a brave man for getting this tattoo, what a brave artist for creating it! I just don’t know how you’d get something like this!

I wonder what this guy does for a living!?!? Imagine going to a job interview with tattoos like this?

Colin and I have been looking at the pictures, and we are trying to imagine him smiling too. . . .we just can’t see him smiling. . . .




4 responses

6 08 2007

What the hell? Amazing.

6 08 2007

I know isn’t it.

I wish I could have seen him in real life. . . .

6 08 2007

6 08 2007



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