Wedding Dress

29 07 2007

I went with Sonia and Melanie today to Marche St. Hubert to look at wedding dresses.  By a complete chance of faith, we found ‘the dress’ today.  And for very much in budget!

It was bought on the spot!

I won’t reveal any of the ‘specifics’ of the dress as the groom to be may be lurking in a dark back corner of joeymoggie!

Also the Bridesmaid dresses have also already been selected!  And neither Melanie or I will hate Sonia afterwards for having selected that dress. . . .

Can you believe we did it in a day!?!?!  And not a bridezilla in sight!




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30 07 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

I know that is impossible!! Complete fiction ….. but it had me going for a little while.

30 07 2007

I knew there’d be skeptics. . .



31 07 2007


31 07 2007


4 08 2007

good for you. as a bride to be who has not yet decided on what dress to wear, i am so happy that you have found yours.

4 08 2007

I’m already married, its Sonia’s wedding.

But thank you. . . .

it was far less painful a search than my own. . . .

8 08 2007

Congratulations for discovering the dress. I have friends getting married in January and they’re trying to find one too.

8 08 2007

wish them luck. . .

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