Parking Ticket!

26 07 2007

I have found the most brilliant website EVER. Ever. I mean ever!

As a big time road rager this website gives me a non-violent means of retaliation! Check out this website!


WHY?? Sick of a car taking up two spaces on the street? How about a car too close to yours? What about the car at the mall parked diagonally? Now you can do something about it. Simply download a notice and place it on the car’s windshield. The owner of the vehicle will be informed of their asshole status as well as the proper tips to improve their poor parking techniques. It’s time to put an end to asshole parking, or at least to make fun of it.

I’m stoked! I’ve printed out my tickets! How about you??






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27 07 2007

This could be tricky. You see we live in a town with many retired people in it and I’d say about 80% of them have never actually taken a driving test – because you didn’t need to take one when they started to drive at the beginning of the last century. They all drive and park like morons, signals are unheard of – and almost every car you see is either dented or recently re-sprayed (evidence of major repairs having been carried out).

When my husband gets his mits on this site he be printing off enough signs to dole dozens out to every resident – he’ll swamp the place with “you parked like an asshole” or “you drive like a twat!” signs. Sometime he rants continualy as we drive along ….. as he’s swerving to avoid codgers who are so shrunken with age they can’t even see over the steering wheel. He’ll probably print so many that his carbon footprint will be classified as the worst in Europe, for an individual person.

We’ll probably be blacklisted by the locals. I’ll never be able to shop without a disguise on. We may even have to relocate – you have no idea! LOL!

27 07 2007

He’s printing them out as I type. He said it’s a good job he has a capacious boot/trunk on his car because he will need to cram it with signs daily, ready for swift sarcastic action in the face of certain and predictable moronic driving offences.

I’m not sure whether to phone a solicitor or a real estate agent.

27 07 2007

I’m still with your hubby. . . . hahahahahah. . . .

I lived in England, and learning to drive there was a baptismal by fire!!!

I truly believe there is an age where you have to STOP driving, or take yearly tests to show your competance.

Although I don’t think our aged drivers are causing the 10 car high speed highway crashes, I think many are unsafe. . . . . .


I keep my camera on me at all time. I’m going to take a picture of the first Asshole I put a note on their car for!! hahaahha!

29 07 2007

Joey, half the population of our home town now aren’t speaking to us!!! LOL! I can’t wait to see your photo of the first asshole parker!

29 07 2007

hahahah, too funny.

Am I allowed to be glad you husband enjoyed the website?

31 07 2007

LOLOLOL too funny…i might just go check that out!

31 07 2007

I love it!!

I’ve been looking for my first victim.

31 07 2007

(or Asshole parker depending on how you want to look at it)

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