RIP Dear Crackberry

25 07 2007

My Blackberry is dead.   She passed away over the weekend.

I’ve been trying to revive her for the past few days, not willing to give up on her. . . she was so strong for so long.

She lost her battle, and will be laid to rest.

She was very very well kept, and looks brand new on first glance – even though she has been in the family for almost 2 years now.  The factory plastic protective cover on all new phones still sits proudly (never peeled back) on her screen.  Always in her holster, the signs of wear are minimal.

She was a trusted friend who sang “the Entertainer” to me in the morning to help me rise, and offered me a soothing ‘buuuuuzzzzzzz’ when a message arrived in my in-box.

She had a soft and gentle way of helping me stay connected with those it was most important to be connected.  She kept me on time, she kept my appointments, she kept my address book up to date.

We enjoyed car rides together, and business meetings.  We have traveled to several countries together, and talked we dozens of friends and acquaintances together.

Colin didn’t understand our relationship.  I often thought he was jealous, calling her names – like Crackberry.  She never let it affect our relationship, and I respected that.

She and I were always attached to the hip (literally), but I don’t believe we were addicted to one another.  We respected each others space, and enjoyed the time we spent together.

I’m saddened by her lose, I mourn her passing, I shed a tear for our friendship . . . . .

RIP November 15, 2005 to July 25 2007





3 responses

25 07 2007

LOL. You’re crazy.
Very nicely written.

25 07 2007

Katie! Stop laughing! I even wore black today to the office – as well as waterproof mascara. . . . .

I’m in a fragile and emotional state right now.

I need your support. . . . .

With drawl is soon to set in I’m sure. . . . .


4 08 2007
Miss McAlpine

What a stupid thing to do. Mourn a Gadget. I mean they can be replaced like that (Snaps fingers) But If it was a pet or person this would be a totally different comment. But hey, I’ll pay my respects to the (Sigh) Blackberry. 🙂 VISIT MY WEBBY! IT HAS HOT HARRY POTTER GOSSIP AD FUNLEY COOL BRATZ CHAT! ALSO A COOL CHAT ROOM SPORTING INFO AND MUCH MORE! ALL THE LATEST FASIONS, GADGETS, TOYS AND SO MUCH MORE!

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