15 Hours

22 07 2007

Colin and I got up early Saturday morning to go to Chapters to pick up our copy of HARRY POTTER and the DEALTHY HALLOWS.  The store was wonderfully decorated, and lots of kids dressed up as their favorite characters.

After tidying up around the house, Colin spent the afternoon reading it, and was done just after 2am. It took him about 15 hours.

I picked up the book this morning to read, and I hope to be half way through by Monday Morning.  I don’t read nearly as fast as Colin.

This book is very different from all the others. . . . I’m really looking forward to finishing.

I’ve stayed away from all the spoliers. . . I’ve waiting 10 years for the completion of the series. . . I can wait to finish off a few hundred pages!

Happy Harry Reading!




2 responses

31 07 2007

i finished the book in 12 hours. its the greatest book of the series. so many twists and excitement.

31 07 2007

I bet if I didn’t make Colin vaccum, wash floors and put in two loads of laundry, he might very well have finished in 12 too. . . . .

I enjoyed this one big time, but I’m not sure if the greatest in the series. The jury isn’t back on that one yet. . . . .

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