So You Think You Can Dance MUSIC 07/18/07 WEEK 5

19 07 2007

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Music selections from Previous Weeks.

Group Numbers from Previous Weeks.



Jamie & Hok (Broadway)

  • “Mr Bojangles” from Fosse

Danny & Anya (Foxtrot)

  • “It Had to Be You” by Brian Evans

Lacey & Kameron (Hip-Hop Choreographed by Dan Karaty)

  • “Here I Come” by Fergie

Sabra & Dominic (Jive)

  • “I do the Jerk” by Ryan Shaw

Pasha & Sara (Jazz)

  • Body Language by Queen

Lauren & Neil (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

  • “Let the Drummer Kick” by Citizen Cope


SOLOS July 19 2007



Ashlee & Ricky WEEK 1

Faina & Jimmy WEEK 2

Jessi & Jesus WEEK 3

Shauna & Cedric WEEK 4

Anya & Hok WEEK 5


NEW COUPLE : None, couples are now picked at random





8 responses

24 07 2007

Thanks so much for posting the songs! Very helpful!!

24 07 2007

No problem! Thanks for stopping by!

27 07 2007
27 07 2007

Hey Everyone!

I simply adore that you are all coming to my blog to visit, I have ALL the music from all weeks on my blog.

I respectfully ask that you SEARCH first before posting your question.

If you are looking for a song title of something played during SEASON THREE SYTYCD you will find it here.

Please search first. Click the SYTYCD button on the right hand side, or use this link!!!!

Thank you!!!

31 07 2007

u r not adding all the songs!

31 07 2007

yes I am. I am posting them week by week. You are currently looking at week 5

click the link below

You’ll see there are a lots of SYTYCD posts. . . .

Geeeeesh people, come on now. Read the comments 🙂

hugs and kisses,


8 08 2007

what is the song that pasha and anay used for there adution dance? it was teh first episode and i belive that she used it again for her solo once

8 08 2007

I believe it is : Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz

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