Nicolin Gublin

11 07 2007

Recently a work colleague and I have been discussing getting original artwork done of our pets.

The pet portrait artist works in digital medium, doing fun vibrant colours over existing images.  Andy Warhol meets Max Headroom if you will. . . . .

Anyways, I was telling my work mate about a artist based here in Montreal that I like.  I own 5 prints by her.  I’d love to own more of her work, specifically one of her large pieces of art, or her furniture.  The artist’s name is Charlotte Nicolin of the NicolinGublin Gallery

The art is bold, loud, fun, whimsical and all together ‘feel good’.

The studio/gallery is located in the Old Port in Montreal, and its my “Tiffany’s”  of the Old Port, I’ve never left the gallery without a smile on my face.  Its how I imagine Holly Golightly feels walking out of Tiffany’s in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
Photo Credits : All pictures are from the NicolinGublin gallery website, and copyright to NicolinGublin, please support local art and add a piece of her work to your collection.







2 responses

11 07 2007

Love the frog!

11 07 2007

I have the first flower one in my house. . . . Love that frog one. . . .I never see when I go into the gallery though. . .

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