August 23 2008

9 07 2007

My Monday Melee today reminded me that I haven’t posted about a special event to take place in just over a year. Sonia from work and her long time boyfriend Lee are getting married.

As a wonderful, special and very unexpected side note, Sonia asked me to be in her wedding.

I’m very honored.

I’ve got a goal to be around a size 12 for the wedding. Its a year away, so its plenty do-able. Wish me luck!

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10 07 2007
Christine Hann

Congrats!!! That is amazing!!! You will be the best bridesmaid!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your goal. I’m going to a seminar tonight to that talks about food that help with weight loss, it’s a naturopath type thing, I will pass along the info.

10 07 2007

Sounds awesome Christine, thank you. And you KNOW I will totally be talking your ear off for the next year about it too!

10 07 2007

Amazing! Congrats!

11 07 2007
Daddy Papersurfer

I’ve just popped by to thank you for ‘favoriting’ me on Technorati. My understanding of Technorati can be written down on a really tiny thing [only if you have a really tiny pencil obviously].
I’ll fuelyourblog today and pop back another time.
The best way to lose weight is to worry a lot – are you sure it’s worth it? Or chop a limb off I suppose, although that would appear to be a little extreme.
When I see you have removed me as a ‘favorit’, I’ll understand.

11 07 2007

hahah, no problem. I’ve really been starting to enjoy Technorati favourites.

I really don’t understand all the powers of Technorati, I’m actually very week in authority on Technorati. . . . . .

Thanks for the FMB vote!


11 07 2007

Thanks Katie!

I’m sure I’ll see you there. . . .

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