Transformers Redux

7 07 2007

Last night Colin and I went to see Transformers. This was our second attempt.

As a kid that grew up in the 80s, and someone who watched the TV show religiously (as well as collected the figures), I was skeptical about seeing this film. I’m a purist, what can I say. 😉

On a whole, a very impressed with the film. I really enjoyed it. Sure, the plot and characters were a little thin – but it was the effects that drove this film. The few flaws that we caught (how the heck did he get those pants back on?) were all ‘human’ related and not CG related.

The movie on a whole was a two-and-a-half hour ad for GM, but worth the price of admission.

My teeny tiny winges:

  • I can accept that Bumblebee is now a GM Camero, but he didn’t ‘look’ like Bumblebee (I really wanted him to have the little horns he had in the cartoon)
  • I wanted the ‘transforming’ noise to be more ‘synthesizer-y’ sounding like the TV show.
  • They transformed way too fast, and unlike the toys, I couldn’t tell where the parts were going.  I missed not being about to ‘dissect’ the transformers back into vehicles in my head.  (Does that make sense??)





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21 10 2007
Huda Swithun

your dating other guys, your telling me lie. Huda Swithun.

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