Naan Bread

6 07 2007

I have a big deadline at work coming up, so I’ve been staying later to get more work done.

I intended to stay to about 7-8pm on Friday, so I had less to do during the weekend. I called Colin to confirm where/when I was going to pick him up (we’re still a ‘one car’ family)

He says to me (in the funniest little grumpy man voice) “I don’t want to stay at work, they are having curry and someone always eats my Naan bread”.

I could just imagine him sitting there, slouched in his chair with his armed crossed, pouting.

Yes, my 31 year old big, full bearded husband – pouting.

Does anyone remember “The Dinosaurs”??


Who took my Naan bread. . . .




4 responses

8 07 2007

HAHA I used to watch that show when I was a kid!! Those vids sure bring back memories!!

10 07 2007

I know I know.

funny thing is, I actually don’t remember watching it more than seeing the little song & dance skits. I think my dad used to watch it with my brother and sister (who are younger)


11 07 2007

omg, i LOVED that show and the whole “not the momma” thing 🙂

11 07 2007

Best sound bite of that show in my opinion! 😉

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