Emo Image Thursday

5 07 2007

Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature at joeymoggie, click the Emo Image Thursday button on the sidebar for more Emo Images. Click the image directly to go to the source.




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5 07 2007
D. Peace

Every Thursday, I weep openly while combing my hair forward over my eyes, and enjoy another edition of EIT.

Emo Image Thursday is helping me cope with the pain of existence. Thanks.

It’s all I’ve got. Nobody understands me.

5 07 2007

I’m certainly glad this small feature is giving you solace. . . .

Do you need a hug?

5 07 2007
D. Peace

Yes. Anything to keep me from cutting myself again.


5 07 2007

That’s actually a really cool picture.

6 07 2007

I thought so. Almost as good as Emo Emu. . .

22 10 2007

hi……… a todos mis emo ojojoj mi correu soni_melanni@hotmail.com byes k vivan los emo joojjojo

29 10 2007
marik armen

que vivan los emooooooooo

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