4 07 2007

Colin and I went for a meal last night to “Soupbol”.  Colin had the Pad Thai noddles and I had a chicken Tonkinese soup.

I love Soupbol, its one of those few and far between restaurants that you can get a warming hot meal that fills you up, but doesn’t stuff you to the brim.  Also, its very affordable.  You get a meal, and appetizer and a drink for under $30 for two people.

I have to mention the staff as well, I really enjoyed how polite and courteous our server was.  She was delightfully sweet and was able to recommend items to complement our meal.  And she allowed us to make a few out of the box requests.   I love Soupbol’s peanut sauce, and instead of having plum sauce with my imperial rolls, she let me have a bowl of peanut sauce instead.

The plan was to go to the cinema to see Transformers after our meal at Soupbol.  We got to the Kirkland Collisuem, where the movie was playing on 4 of the 16 screens

Sold out.  Sold out.  Sold out.  Sold out.

Can you believe it was sold out across the board.   (I suggested that we go and see “Knocked Up” and was promptly told – No!  Not a chick flick)

Surely Transformers was not going to be popular with the kids that weren’t even born in the 80s to remember the TV series (or original animated film) .  Why was the movie theatre packed?

Then it dawned on us, cheap ticket Tuesday!  Blasted!  Curses!

Why can’t parents keep their kids home and let the TV raise them like our parents. . . .

Colin and I might go this weekend to see Transformers.   We also have a date set next week with some friends to check out the new Harry Potter film.  We’ll be going to Dim Sum that night.





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4 07 2007

It’s not out in the UK until the 27th. Nightmare.

5 07 2007
D. Peace

KNOCKED UP isn’t a chick flick. It’s a hilarious comedy that pretty much everyone likes.

At any rate, I haven’t seen TRANSFORMERS, but I have a strong hunch it’s just infantile crap. I mean, it’s a two-hour long toy commercial. You do know that, right?

5 07 2007

Two-hour long commercial for GM you mean, surely 😉

See, I keep telling my husband, all the people who have told me “Knocked Up” was a good film are men!

Colin has his “chick flick” radar out of whack!


Thanks for stopping on my D.Peace. . . .

See ya next Thursday. . . .

5 07 2007
D. Peace

Tell him KNOCKED UP is rated R for a reason (dirty jokes!) No man can resist that.

And I’ll be here next Thursday, alright. And until then, I’ll be listening to Dashboard Confessional.

8 07 2007
Transformers Redux « joey moggie

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