When Did Rosie O’Donnell Become Such A Biatch?

1 07 2007

When did Rosie O’Donnell become such a bitch?

I can’t say I’m one of those 2 million plus additional viewers that tuned into “The View” daily when she joined.  In all honesty, she really hasn’t been on my radar since her show “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”

I remember the Rosie O’Donnell show came on at 4pm when I was in high school, it was the first thing on TV when I got home from school.  She was funny, sweet, informative, educational.  She always had the best guests and funniest skits and contests.  It was a great talk show.  I think most of the new and current talk shows take from her show.  There can only be one Oprah, and her format works for the big O and thats it.  Am I the only one who thinks Ellen’s show is a Rosie knock off or what?

Rosie was inspirational and real.  She was fat, looked shit without makeup and had silly crushes on celebrities.  She was “one of us”.  What couldn’t you relate to or not like about Rosie?

I have to say I was dissapointed when her show ended, she chose a good high note to end things on.  People liked her and respected her. . . .

. . . . Then came the whole uber-lesbian-ness.   She cut her hair into one of those sterotypical “butch lesbian” hair styles.  And went all ‘activist’.

How many people were surprised to learn that Rosie was a lesbian.  I wasn’t.  I also wasn’t sure why it was such a big deal.  As her show ended, I felt like she was trying to shove her lesbian-ness down my throat.

I didn’t give a rats ass.  I just wanted to see her behind the big desk, with great guests, launching coosh balls again.

When she joined the view people suspected she wouldn’t gel well with the other ladies of the View.  And I guess in the end, that proved more than clear, especially with ultra-conservative Elisabeth.

And what was up with her and The Donald?

I’m curious to find out if gays & lesbians on a whole respect her as an advocate, or does she damage the great distances the gay population have travelled in the past decade?

The Rosie I miss

The Rosie we have




11 responses

2 07 2007

I’m right there with you (all but the Ellen comment–I love her!).

I miss the “old” Rosie. I also enjoyed her show very much. I’m sure she has helped lots of gay/lesbians, but I wish she’d calm down a little.

2 07 2007

Do you really think she has helped them.

See, I’m not sure of that. . . . .

I just can’t see many gay and lesbians proud to have her as a mascot (for lack of a better term)

She certainly doesn’t epitimise gay issues and gay rights. . . .does she?

2 07 2007

Her show was decent. It was definitely at her peak.

As for her activism, if I was gay, I’d roll my eyes at her. I wouldn’t want a celebrity to speak for me. I would want to speak for me. And if it was going to be a celebrity, I’d want it to be a straight one. It’s always easy to fight for your own causes, but it’s a special person that fights for another’s causes.

2 07 2007

I roll my eyes at her (now) anyways, regardless if she is a lesbian or not.

2 07 2007

I just mean that in the beginning, when she first came out, I believe that because she was so well liked because of her show, that several other people came out because she opened the door for them. Beyond that, I’m sure they, like us, wish she’d shut up. 😉

Congrats on your NC-17 rating. I’m rated G and I’m darn upset about it. 😉

2 07 2007

I wish I could edit my comment. I’m not sure how much sense I made in that first “sentence.” *sigh*

2 07 2007

Hey rachel.

I understood what you meant.

Thanks for clarifying. I can agree with you on that point. . . .

and thanks about the NC-17. Hilarious, eh?

18 07 2007

what happened to rosie-i love to listen and watch her-but could not think why in the world she is having her children on the internet and having these stupid videos that are not flattering for her

18 07 2007

i agree they aren’t hollywood flattering, but they are REAL, and that I respect.

But “real” doesn’t have to be harsh (specifically harsh with words)

She is so mean now.

very very mean.

29 07 2007

Keep up your good work , people cannot handle the truth. Love ya rozi. jimmy

29 07 2007

thanks for dropping on by my blog, Jimmy.


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