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29 06 2007

Tis the season for memes 🙂

Fracas called me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger here and I’m simply chuffed. I think she is pretty rockin’ too!

In the spirit of keeping this award going, I’m tagging 5 outstanding female bloggers. . .

Kim at “The Darwin Exception

I am in stitches weekly reading her blog, if its not stupid news, its mug planting. Originally I came across her blog from an entry about one of her crafty endevors. This is a weekly must read blog for me.

Iced Mocha at “Iced Mocha

If we all did “6 degrees of seperation” in our blog worlds, I can almost guarantee Iced Mocha would be the thread that binds everyone together. She visits and comments on everyone’s blogs and always insightful and thoughtful things to say.

Rachel at “How I See It

A talented photographer who gives her readers a beautiful look into her everyday life. A very devoted family woman.

Katie at “Viva Las Vegas

A personal friend of mine who always makes me laugh and smile with her stories and photo slide shows.

Jayleen from “Jayleen B Photography & Digital Painting” and from “Journey from Grrrr to There”

I have been a follower of Jayleen’s photography site for a little bit now (I fuel her photo blog every day on Fuel my Blog). I’ve only started to read Journey from Grrrrr to There. Jayleen is a blogger I’m coming to know, and I think she is pretty Rockin’.


Several of my other favorite ladies have already been tagged for this award, including the ever sassy Fracas, the strong and faithful SkyWindows, and the always humorous Helen at “I forgot where I was going with this” Congratulations to them!


The Rockin’ Girl Blogger idea came from Roberta Ferguson.

  1. Credit Roberta Ferguson and link back to her site
  2. Save the Rockin Girl Blogger badge, and display it proudly on your blog.
  3. Make an entry on your blog, and include these rules.
  4. Check out this great list of fellow Rockin’ Girl Bloggers
  5. Choose 5 Outstanding Rockin Girl Bloggers (Make sure they know they’ve been tagged

And for those Outstanding Awesome Guy Bloggers, there is this award also by Roberta Ferguson.




9 responses

29 06 2007

Oh my.. if we keep praising each other like this Joey, we’re both going to stick to the floor for all the syrup dripping down to our feet. 😉

So I didn’t tag Jayleen because Judy already had but I actually think it’s a good thing you did. I think she needs a bit more convincing so that she puts the award on her Grrr site (since she doesn’t put anything like this up at the photography blog).

So Jayleen… I posted at Judy’s to tell you to take the award and post it at Grrr, and I’m saying it again. Just show it off somwhere. You deserve it.

29 06 2007

🙂 I’m absolutely honored! Thanks so much for tagging me. 😀

29 06 2007

i never get tagged as a sexy female blogger 😦

30 06 2007


3 07 2007

Aw, thanks, Joey. You’re a sweetie — and a rockin’ blogger. 🙂

11 07 2007

Well slap my be-hind and call me Roger. My first award. But now I want that “Thinking Blogger” one that you have. I’d like people to think that I think, even if I don’t think I actually think that I think. Ya think?


11 07 2007

I think!

15 07 2007

Brahnamin, now you can be an awsome guy blogger though:

4 08 2007
You Know What I Want? « The Darwin Exception

[…] just have too much brain space and too few thoughts. But Joeymoggie gave me an award once – “Outstanding Female Blogger” – but there wasn’t a little thingy that goes in the sidebar for that award. Figures, […]

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