When Your Toilet Gets Clogged

27 06 2007


OK fine.  I ADMIT it.  I flushed a *few* paper towels down the toilet.

I was cleaning it at the time.

Anyways, long story short – the toilet clogged and over flowed.

We needed a solution FAST that didn’t include phoning out one of those truly expensive all-night plumbers.

We Googled it.

  1. Empty out as much water from the bowl as you can
  2. Poor a half cup of (good quality) liquid dish soap.  Let it sit for 10-15 minutes
  3. Boil a large kettle or pot of water
  4. Poor the boiling water into the bowl.  Let sit another 10-15 minutes.
  5. Plunge as usual
  6. Flush and VOILA.  The clog will be gone.

As a side note, do not put ‘Liquid Plumber’ into toilets.  It says so right on the package, but last night when I made the run for dish soap I bought a bottle, just in case.  I didn’t read it until I got home (who reads labels anyways. . .  . 😉



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27 06 2007

having installed toilets i can tell you why liquid plumr is a toilet no-no

there is a big wax ring that seals your toilet to the drain pipe.

liquid plumr will eat that wax ring.

then, every time you flush about half the water will make it down the pipe and the other half will leak out across the floor from under the base of your toilet.

sounds like personal experience?

fortunately, no.

but i HAVE put regular dish soap (the kind you use to wash dishes by hand) in the dishwasher and had a very brady-bunch moment when suds overran my kitchen.

27 06 2007

Thanks for that Brahnamin. . . .

and liquid dish soap in the dishwasher, that is hilarious!

27 06 2007

Wow. Thankfully I haven’t had any recent clogs I couldn’t plunge out within a few minutes. The continually rising water is scary, though. You’re like “please God, go down. Vishnu, I know I made fun of your many arms, but please make it go down. Buddha, I know you’re not a ‘god’ per se, but little help?” And when it stops at the rim, you wonder, “how am I supposed to plunge it?” But thanks for the tips, they may come in handy some day–though, hopefully I’ll never need them.

And brahnamin, thanks for the info. Putting “do not use in toilet” doesn’t do much good. But, “using in toilet will result in fecal matter and urine up to your ankles” is what I would consider a warning worth heading.

Also, we never used the dishwasher at home so when I was in college and out of dishwasher soap I used dishsoap. I knew you weren’t supposed to use it, so I didn’t fill it up. I filled it less than halfway. Needless to say, the dishwasher was leaking water and suds for a long time. Again, had they used a better warning label, that may have been avoided. “Using this product in a dishwasher will result in enough suds in your kitchen to hold an all-night bubble rave. Unless there are jello shots, glow sticks, and nearly-naked coeds nearby, do not use in dishwasher.”

27 06 2007

Wow. And who knew google could be so handy?

On a total segue… we recently moved to washable, reusable microfibre cleaning clothes, and they are one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Use it with just about any cleaner (but don’t mix them on the cloth) then throw ’em in the wash when you’re done. Works like a charm, and less goes into the landfill.

OK – I’m done making my sales pitch now 🙂

27 06 2007

I heard a news item on the radio a while ago that quoted a poll of plumbers on the incidence of toilet overflows. The study showed a large spike in such incidents on November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving. I’ll leave the “why” to your imagination! That, I’m sorry to say, is my only contribution to this discussion.

29 06 2007

New Hoosier, although I agree a more ‘colourful’ disclaimer might be a good idea, I think making it more than 5 words will surely loose the attention of students. Dish soap in dishwasher bad.

Cin, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll keep that in mind with the shammies. I buy a ton of them because I wear glasses. . . . .

Penseroso, Miss you!!! I wonder if there is a spike in October after Canadian thanksgiving too?

13 10 2007

Thanks so much for this tip! i clogged my toilet and no matter what i did i couldnt get it unclogged – i even went and bought a auger to snake the drain and it still didnt work. i gave your tip a shot and it totally worked. i owe you a drink sometime. thanks again

11 11 2007

That soap and boiling water trick worked great! Who the heck would have thought of that?

20 11 2007
Norwin de la rosa

Nov. 20, 2007
I was really worried when my toilet wouldn’t flush and overflowed (at one time) when my 3 yrs. old threw in one of those sturdy paper cups in them. when i read about the liquid soap and hot water thing, that man is a genius!!! it really works!…anybody who will find the same problem i suggest you try this one. thanks again for the help!

4 01 2008

AWESOME! Thank you so much for this!! We struggled with the stupid clog for hours, and since there’s only one toilet (for 3 people), we were all about to relieve ourselves behind trees in the yard! But this TOTALLY WORKED. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Do the suds go away on their own?

18 01 2008

so… I don’t know why that worked but it did! WOW…. anyone out ther eknow why is works?

22 01 2008

I was skeptical but desperate — the dish soap & hot water trick worked like a charm! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

29 01 2008

Doesn’t the toilet crack when the hot water hits it

9 02 2008

Maybe if the toilet is frozen first. 😉

I’m going to try this trick right now. Thanks for the tip!

17 02 2008

Wow, that was amazing! I’ve been dealing with a slow-draining toilet for several days and thought I’d tried everything (including the nasty chemicals you aren’t supposed to use–I was desperate). I’ve plunged and plunged to no avail. But dish soap and boiling water, and voila!

Thank you so much–this is a tip I will remember.

21 02 2008

Haven’t ever used any fancy stuff for doing this.

The following works for me:
1. Empty out as much water from the bowl as you can
2. Apply the thing to the hole so that it covers it completely
3. Push it down as much as you can and release (3-5 times)
4. Try #3 again if it didn’t work

Let the pressure do the job for you 😀

4 03 2008

My three year old granddaughter flushed a plastic RX pill bottle down our toilet. I’ve tried to auger it, but the toilet isn’t flushing right. It will empty, and gurgle and fill really slowly. Any ideas?

4 06 2008

WOW, dude, your my hero, this worked awesome! thanks a bunch!

16 06 2008

I didn’t believe this would work, but I read it on a couple of websites and lots of people who said it worked, and these were the best directions.

I had serious doubts b/c our clog was feminine hygiene-related — I mean, really. That’s an instant call to the plumber. But this WORKED. Lots of suds at first, but it worked. I was stunned. And overjoyed.


21 06 2008

I just tried the dish soap/hot water thing to clear a clogged toilet and it worked beautifully! This is after I plunged and plunged to no avail. Follow those directions posted exactly and you’ll be in business. Thank you, thank you.

24 08 2008

WOW! i can believe it worked. the day my toilet was clogged, i was going out of town for a few days and hoping it will fix itself by the time i get back home. unfortunatly it did n’t. after struggling fot hours and finaly tried the dish soap and hot water trick, IT WORKED. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE TIPS.

25 08 2008

just poured a liquid soup; am now boiling the water. will update after half an hour. =)

25 08 2008

it worked! hahaha. i actually heard the vacuuming and sucking noise from underneath. wuhoo, thanks a lot!

30 10 2008

Thank you SO much. My toilet was clogged with condoms, and I was FREAKING out because nothing was working. But this did, THANK YOUUUUUUU!

26 11 2008

Wow! This totally worked, and now my bathroom smells like apples to boot! Thanks so much!

30 11 2008

after a houseful of people this holiday weekend, the cause of our clogged toilet was a mystery. but there’s no mystery about this amazing solution, which worked like the proverbial charm. i have recited the cure to my teenagers, and made them pledge to memorize this for their lives going forward! thank you!!

6 12 2008

Wow. My wife cloged things up with feminine products. Worked on it for an hour with a hanger and plunger. No dice. Tried the hot soapy water approach and VIOLA! No clog. Amazing. Thanks for this tip.

10 12 2008

wow, thank you.
my toilet was draining slow for about a week because of my wife’s hairs. i tried plunging tirelessly, bought the plunger snake and even tried one the liquid drainer. needless to say none of those worked, then i tried the hot water and soap thing, it worked like a charm.


22 12 2008

This really worked, i was trying to plunge my toilet for about an hour and it still was not goin down, I came across this remedy and the toilet was fixed in no time
great idea.

23 12 2008

Our toilet has been clogged 4 about 4 days now, I just googled “clogged toilets” and I found this. My godmom and I just tried it and it worked. I must say it was a relief. We went to the store and bought a whole bottle of Drano, It didn’t work needless to say. So thanks to the person who figured this out, It does really work. Thank You! God Bless!

16 01 2009

This is a scam period….useless option…..

23 01 2009

I hadn’t even noticed my toilet was slow – no problems until this morning I flushed and it just leaked down very slowly. Tub is right next to it so I filled tub half way and then pulled the plug, thinking that would flush it out, not really. Plunged, no real improvement. Thought about Liquid Plumbr and then decided against it after reading forums. Tried dish soap and boiling water and voila! There was a fantastic noise in the pipe and now all is working perfectly. Yay!

6 02 2009
ShopVac Hero

Tried this…plenty of plunging over an hour and the soap\hot water trick…THEN…scooped out the water again and it was Wet\Dry VAC to the rescue…took seconds to pull the clog back…then the disinfecting started.

7 02 2009
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16 02 2009
Frustrated party host

Thank you so much for the tip! It worked like magic for a stubborn clog!

2 03 2009

This is awesome!

I just flushed the toilet every few days at first, then I bought a plunger but I think I just pushed the clog further back. Finally the other toilet backed up. We have the newer, .5 gallon flush, jet action flush toilets that aren’t supposed to clog – myth. This worked on them, I didn’t boil the water, just used a tea kettle per toilet and 1/2 of a large bottle of dish soap ($1 at dollar general). I get to return the $8 bottle of drain o and not tell my husband I broke something :).

3 03 2009

I just tried the remedy you suggested and it worked great!!! I just wanted to thank you for the helpful information.

4 03 2009

My toilet is clogged and I want to try this, but I heard bad things about doing the soap method while living in an apartment complex. Anyone have any insight with that?

5 03 2009

it doesn’t work. not at all. i followed every single direction. it doesn’t work.

11 03 2009

My husband and I just tried this, after my husband tried flushing uncooked cauliflower,cherry tomatoes and cut zuccini down the toilet. The toilet had been plugged up for about 4 days, we even tried the kleen drain with the co2 cartridge that costs about $30.00 that did not work at all, so we decided to try this before taking the toilet apart and it did the trick we didn’t think it would work with all them vegetables but it did.Thank You so much for the wonderful tip.

12 03 2009
Uncle Zev

it worked for me, unreal!!!

21 03 2009

This method helped…

21 03 2009

This worked for me too. Best of all, IT’S NOT A SCAM….because I didn’t spend a dime and I have no more clogs!

13 04 2009

I had a nintendo ds game stuck in my tolet for 3 days now I snaked it and used coat hangers ect.. for like 2 day of hell!! I came across this site I really had doubt but I was despret IT really work I was In total shock.. it flushed! I still can’t believe it worked!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU..

13 04 2009

My son threw rocks down my drain. After about two weeks, it got to the point it will not flush AT ALL. I just got done trying this method…MY TOILET FLUSHES! Now I know the rocks are probably still there but at least I can flush my toilet! Thank you so much!

22 04 2009

Excellent tips and I love the additional information shared in the comments. I have been using the dish soap trick to clear clogs for a while and have always been happy with the results.

I used to try all of the different chemicals and pretty much all of them are a joke, especially drano, it doesn’t work at all. I also found that this http://mycloggedtoilet.com site has a lot of good information.

Thanks for the tips!

27 04 2009
Debby Smith

Wow!! It worked – I’ve been plunging on and off for several days and was ready to call a plumber!! Thank you so much!!

4 05 2009
Girl with a happy toilet

Just wanted to say that I’m another who was very pleased to find that the dish soap/hot water method does work! Our trial wasn’t exactly scientific, so I can’t say for sure that any one of the three steps (emptying the bowl of water, dumping in dish soap, or pouring in boiling water) might be the real trick to this method. But since it costs nothing except a very little bit of time and effort, I’m happy not to examine it too closely. I’m just thrilled my toilet is working again. Thanks for this post!

10 05 2009

well… ive been trying to unclog my toilet for the past 2 hours… its so bad that when i plunge the toilet all the poop and waste comes out of the drain in the bath tub… I hope to god this works

16 11 2013

This was years ago, but in case anyone else is reading and having the same problems as this gentleman…
You need to call a plumber. Gurgling or back flow from tub and sinks means your vent or somewhere deep in your sewage lines are experiencing a clog. The hot water can help move it along, but, be prepared. As soon as you ever hear gurgling or experience low water pressure, start using the hot water and soap method in all drains. I do mine monthly now, I’ve learned, haha.

Also, BE WARY WITH BOILING WATER. It does work faster but it can crack porcelain or ceramic, and using hot tap water works just fine. If you use hot but not boiling water and pour a bucket full at a time from waist level, the combination of the hot water and the pressure from the height will do a fine job. I think it works better to use less than boiling hot water but a larger quantity of it. You want to change the temperature and pressure of the water around the clog. So you use this method, and wait a few minutes to see if the soap will break down the clog, and then do it again in need be. Always remember to turn off your water supply too! And to turn on ventilation! Who knows what fumes could be rising slowly!

Happy unclogging 🙂

10 05 2009

My toilet is clogged too right now. I think it’s because a few days ago, I was trying to unclog the bathtub drain – I lifted the hairy gunk out with an old pen, and threw it (sans pen) into the toilet and flushed. I noticed later that the toilet was flushing slowly, or not refilling all the way. Well, today, it clogged, and now I have a poopy mess sitting in the toilet. I just tried a bottle of ammonia-based drain cleaner (don’t remember it’s name). It didn’t work. Now, I’m boiling up some water, hoping that the fumes won’t kill me when I pour it into the chemical/poop mess. I’m gonna skip the dishwashing soap since I already think I have enough chemicals in there. Hope it works!

11 05 2009

Well, I think I’ve finally cleared the obstruction. The hot water alone after the drain cleaner stuff didn’t work, so after attempting to use the plunger, which proved just too disgusting, I tried Pamolive + hot water. All the while, I was quite scared that everything I read on this site was just a practical joke to get gullible people to fill up their bathrooms with suds. Nevertheless, I poured in a quarter cup of the soap and waited a while. Then I poured in a pot of boiling water. Nothing much happened, except suds forming – I was afraid my suspicions were coming true. Still, I decided to keep pouring in buckets of hot water from the bathtub. The water in the toilet was going down, so it seemed like the reasonable thing to do. After a whole lot of water, the water in the toilet was much cleaner, persuading me to go for the plunger again. I did that for a couple of minutes, and then went back to pouring in hot water. Finally, I heard the gurgling noise of the water rushing down through the pipes. I became confident enough to flush, and I’m happy to report that things went back to normal. Phew!
(I still have to clean the bowl – I think the ammonia stuff really stained it badly, and I’m not comfortable using it again yet.)

11 05 2009

Just wanted to add one more thing…

As a chemical engineering student, I’ve been speculating about why this trick may work. I don’t really think the soap works to dissolve anything down there – because if so, why wouldn’t the drain cleaner work? I think that since dishwashing soap is so slippery, it goes down and coats the obstruction, somewhat lubricating it and thus making it easier to dislodge.
With the hot water, mass transport is increased due to the higher temperature (in transport phenomena, heat transport can enhance mass transport).

Meh, this is a good enough explanation for me.

10 07 2009

Very help full, Thanks!

31 07 2009
Worked in Apartment

I tried this and worked great. Didn’t have to use the hot water, just added a half cup of dish soap, waited 10 mins and then flushed. After 2 mins it went down. I live in an apartment and kept reading that you should avoid doing this if you do, but no one ever explained why. Well, if I just destroyed the apartments plumbing, o well. I might not have done it if only someone would freaking explain to me why not to do it.

16 08 2009

Thank You soooo much for posting this!!
It worked when nothing else would.
You are so awesome!!!!!

23 08 2009

I was so hopeful that this was going to solve my problem, but alas, it did not. I am going to have to call a plumber. My wife flushed a tongue supressor down the toilet, which I believe is stuck and is the root of our flushing problems. TRhe flush goes from being very weak to sometimes not at all. If anyone else has any other suggestions, I am going to wait a few days before calling the plumber to see if there is another solution to this issue.

25 10 2011

Use a wet dry shop vac to pull out the item stuck. It might work.

4 09 2009

I repeated this procedure twice and it didn’t work. If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

12 10 2009
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7 11 2009

I cracked my toilet bowl with boiling water! Be careful!

26 12 2009

I’m a single gal living in my house by myself. After a house full of people over last night I woke up this morning with a clogged toilet. I used to call my dad immediately after anything didn’t work but I decided to do this on my own. After following your directions (only letting the soap sit for an hour b/c I forgot about it) this worked like a charm. THANK YOU!!

13 03 2010
John Norway

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!! I had my doubts about this method, but I had nothing to loose. IT worked. If you have clogged your toilet, do this.

THANK YOU ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀

13 04 2010

(1) Did the soap & waited Had a scotch while waiting, Did the hot water & waited. Had a scotch while waiting. Plunged & plunged, and flushed and flushed as usual. Nothing happened.

(2) Did another soap & waited. Had another scotch while waiting. Did another hot water & waited. Had another scotch while waiting. Read the paper. Then plunged & plunged and flushed and flushed.

VOILA. The clog was gone.

You guessed it! Had a scotch to celebrate. However, I think this only works with Dewar’s Scotch.

5 02 2013
Carol Goodwin

That was funny! I don’t have Dewar’s Scotch. How about cooking sherry? Might that work, too?

14 04 2010

Only joking about the scotch folks! But was very pleased with the results. Everything is working fine once again.


17 04 2010

After reading all these “testimonies”..I was skeptical, thinking it had to be a joke. But guess what, this crap really works! I was blown away by how fast and easy this is.

You saved my ass $100 on plumber’s fee. Thank you!

23 04 2010
Happy Toilet

I believe the dish soap helps water do its job of breaking down organic material. That’s why using dish soap to wash the dishes works better than water alone. For the water, I did not use boiling water. I simply ran hot tap water into a pan and then poured it slowly into the toilet, which had cold water and the “mess.” Toilet bowls are generally very cold; therefore, changing the temperature too quickly can result in a cracked bowl.

The combination of dishwashing liquid, hot tap water, and plunging did work. The soap suds disappeared after the second flush. They won’t harm your bowl or plumbing at all.

2 06 2010
A. Toad

Sooo…. Will this work on a clog that you could probably plunge out yourself, but it is just really really gross and you seriously do NOT want to risk getting splashed?

11 06 2010

Thank you…trying that right now!

11 07 2010

You, sir, are a life saver. Just thought I’d let ya know.

21 07 2010

Does it work on a toilet clogged by a cloth?

1 09 2010

Usually when I use too much TP and the toilet clogs i just let it sit it out for a few hours and then flush. This time the toilet filled right up to the rim :-0 I was terrified and so I turned to google and found this. I emptied the toilet water into a plastic ice bucket and then poured a quarter of a bottle of sunlight in the bowl, then boiled water poured it in, waited 5 minutes and flushed. I could hear the sweet sucking sound of release as the bubbly yellow water rushed away from me 🙂

8 10 2010

Well, i’m happy for all of you, but this didn’t work for me. I don’t know how many times i’ve repeated this and my toilet is still clogged!! Now what??

13 10 2010

so i really wasnt sure if this would work or not but i had nothing to loose. and OMG it worked like no other. just follow the directions and the suds go away after a couple of flushes. this is not a scam it really works.

31 10 2010

Thank you very much! It worked great here!

6 02 2011

I had tried everything and my toilet is very badly clogged!! We have even had to go to the shops to use the toilet because we couldn’t afford a plumber. I tried this method and when I flushed at the end the bowl filled up again and I was so dissapointed. But I refused to give up I plunged the full bowl and surprisingly it started to go down. I repeated the process and when I flushed at the end the bowl filled again. But hooray it slowy started to go down on it’s own. I’m going to do the whole thing one more time and hopefully that will fix it.

6 02 2011

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, you saved me alot of time and energy. It worked like it was nothing. I reccommend this to anyone who has a large object in their toilet that has plugged it up. THIS WORKS!!!!

20 02 2011

One thing that helps is that pouring in the water moves faster than the normal flush. I wish I’d read this BEFORE not reading on the liquid plumber bottle about not putting it in the toity!! So I used half the recipe…..that is I used the hot water flush with a bucket after the liquid plumber before it ate the wax seal and voila ….trickle trickle trickle….SWOOSH!! Next time I’ll definitely slick up the plug with dish soap. So sensible. Thanks.

20 03 2011

hmm, u guys wont understand how happy I am right now. Anyways last nite I had a good time with my girl and I jus disposed the condom in d toilet actually this is my first time using this method cos most times I usu drop it in the trash can. Well, my toilet got clogged and I tried everything but none worked.
I came across this method online, I tried it and it seems not to work at first.
I had to flush like 5 times and VIOLA the slow flush starts running fast.. OMG am so happy right now and in my entire life, I would never ever and never drop a latex condom in the closet.. Never Never Ever loooooooool
Thanks so much for the trick and tip

18 06 2011

A plumber came out to my apartment to use an auger on the toilet. NADA. He recommended A NEW TOILET! After a freak out, I came across this site on a google search. First try was with some dish soap-some improvement seen…next try was with washing detergent. The toilet would flush, but was still slow draining. The NEXT morning it worked PERFECTLY. NO NEW TOILET! I am so grateful to the poster of this trick! I love it!

20 08 2011

WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I was totally skeptical because nothing else had worked. AND I was kind of panicking because I did use that liquid plumr stuff without even reading the label. And once it didn’t work, I was like, “hm… let’s actually read what it says.” I felt like an idiot, still do to be honest, and I’m still worried that I ruined the toilet. BUT, no way was I going to resort to calling a plumber. I did the trick here and first try ~totally cleared it up. 😀

7 09 2011


16 09 2011

I tried a snake first and scratched the hell out of my toilet. I then tried this and it worked.

29 09 2011

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 4 days without a flushing toilet is a horrible thing!

30 09 2011

You can also try adding 1/4 bottle of Bleach to Poopy water mess. Let it sit over night. Will kill the smell, dissolve most of whats down in the drain, disinfect, and best of all the water will be clear in the morning. Add a large amount of hot water, from as high as you can above the toilet, creating pressure, and clog will disappear. Did this when a popular Disinfectant Cleaning cloth, wads of toilet paper, along with a generous monster sized crap from my dog was flushed, or so we thought. Did not have a Plunger at the time.

1 10 2011

THANK YOU, JEEBUS. This trick worked on onions, pork chunks, and garlic. Don’t ask me why I thought throwing braising liquid down the toilet was a good idea. It was not. Add this to the list with the rocks, condoms, and cauliflower from posters above. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 02 2013
Carol Goodwin

Have you never stopped to think of where the water goes when it leaves your toilet and its final destination?. Through a long, laborious process, it comes back to you in your drinking water tap. Why burden the system in this way?

12 10 2011
Ron August

So I can attest that this method does work. I tried using a special toilet auger for 30 mins without any luck. Follow the directions and use good soap and boiling water and be patient. My toilet is still flushing slowing but atleast it’s no longer clogged. I am going to repeat this a few times in the next few to see if I can get it to work normally.

13 10 2011

This method is genius. I’ve been trying to unclog my toilet for hours and I got so frustrated that I just started researching all different ideas willing to try ANYTHING. I tried this one first and it worked. You’re my hero!!!

16 10 2011

Initially skeptic, now a believer. I was about to go to the HD store for an auger, when I thought I would check the web before I left. I thought worst case I would have only wasted an hour. So I tried this. First time, the process helped a lot. A second try completely cleared it out.

3 11 2011

wow. i gave this a try…and it didnt seem to work. i was SO frustrated….i just plunged and plunged and nothing. not even the faint sound of water trickling through. kept trying. emptying… filling, soap, blubbles, empty… then finally. woooosh. i really couldnt be happier. thank you!

11 11 2011

toilet was clogged for a week, but this worked!

12 11 2011

Totally worked!!! Thank you!

26 11 2011

2011-November – T-day+2.

WOW!!! For all the reasons already mentioned we added our contributions to the slow-draining first floor toilet and wound up, plunging then flushing and then watching it almost overflow.

No room for hot water. Barely room for the plunger.
and oh horrors, …out of dish soap.
Spent $1 at the dollar store, returned and barely added about half-a-cup.

Plunged down slowly, pulled up carefully, so as not to overflow, but forcefully. Did this “up and down” about a dozen times. Watched the brown liquid get glossed over with soap (yeah.. at least it hid the mess.

Heard hissing, thought it was the soap bubbles. And then a few more ups and downs, and away it went!!!!

Absolutely amazing.

Thanks so much for this website!

Happy rest of your life, you deserve it!

13 12 2011
Tracy Chandler

I had a stubborn clog and I bought a new wonder plunger but it didn’t work so I turned to this site and tried the soap and hot(not quite boiling) water trick. I was so afraid after 1, 2,3 tries that I was going to be one of the unlucky ones that this doesn’t work for. As a single mom, calling a plumber was a no go for me so I tried ONE MORE TIME and voila…it worked. I must admit I was getting a little hopeful after try number three when the water went down very slowly over an hour or more. But, the last try left my now shiny toilet flushing like a new one. Yay for the internet!!!!

17 12 2011
Duncan Roger Bradley

DO NOT USE BOILING WATER. Boiling water can crack porcelain. Use hot-not-boiling water, and it will do the trick.

21 12 2011

OMGosh — it worked!!! Thank you! My problem was too much TP clogging the toilet. I tried hot tap water (mine is too HOT to wash or shower with unless I add cold) but the hot water alone did nothing. Kept trying hot water … days passed … situation getting worse! Finally googled “clogged toilet” and found this page. (1) pulled out mess that was up to the brim (2) fished around a bit with coat hanger and pulled out more TP bits (3) dropped some dishwashing liquid plus hot water … the toilet cleared right out like a miracle !!! WOW !!!

31 12 2011

This tip saved me from having an absolutely atrocious New Year’s weekend. My wife would probably tell you I was an absolute terror to be around the last couple of days; I was SO frustrated after the amount of time I spent plunging to no avail. I’ve plunged toilets dozens if not hundreds of times in my life, and never had any trouble getting things to move along eventually. Buy this clog wasn’t going ANYWHERE. Once I tried the dish soap, hot (tap, from the tub, NOT boiling) water and good old-fashioned plumber trick, however, my toilet was fixed within 5 minutes. THANK YOU!

P.S. A word to the wise (and impatient, like me): this did not work immediately. It took a few tries and a little elbow grease. But it DID work, which is more than I can say for the 1 hour+ amount of time I spent trying to work on the thing yesterday.

2 01 2012

my problem was my reading glasses fell out of my shirt pocket into the toilet just as it was flushing and down they went!! I never could retrieve them and it was barely flushing….I added the 1/2 cup of dishwasher soap and boiling hot water and waited 20+ mins, plunged a few minutes and it worked! I was a little concerned about the hot water melting the wax ring, but no probs so far….plus I waited a little longer than 20 mins for the water to cool a bit.

10 01 2012
E Karinski

I could not believe it, but the soap and boiling water trick worked! I usually throw dog poo down my toilet (wrapped in a paper towel) and I have been lucky for quite some time as it would clog occasionally and I would just use a plunger. Well, this morning, I suppose I used more paper towels than usual because my dog had had just a bit more to eat …. and the toilet clogged. I tried the usually plunging but it would not unclog. I had to go to work so I thought I would just leave it and by evening, it might loosen up. Got home from work – still clogged. I plunged and plunged. Nothing. I was going to stick a wire down into the toilet but saw this post. Tried it. Used the soap. Let it sit. Poured a pot of boiling water (that I let sit for just a bit so that it was not a rolling boil when I poured it into the toilet bowl) into the toilet. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Plunged. Then flushed! Hurray! I am so tickled that this worked – not sure what the chemistry behind it is!
Thank you! And no more paper towel poo packages are going into my toilet – I will just toss them into the trash instead.

14 01 2012

I am trying this right now and i hope it works… I havent paid rent for the last 2 months and sure as hell dont want to call my landlord in the morning and have him find out that my boyfriend and my lil sis have moved in, as well as a 20 gallon fishtank im not supposed to have…

I cant really tell if it worked for us or not. I wound up having to get a snake, and snaking the drain 6 or 8 times but now, 14 hours after I started, the toilet works again lol. I would try this method again tho when I have the chance (which hopefully wont be for awhile lolz)

14 01 2012

and i just thought i would say i am a real person. feel free to email me at shannon marie park at yahoo….

25 01 2012

Yup, about half a cup of dawn and 5 gallons of hot tab water did the trick.

28 01 2012

I bow to you, sir! 😀

13 02 2012

This definitely works! I didn’t use hot water because I read that it can crack your toilet bowl but I did put the dish soap in and waited for 15 mins., flushed the toilet and used the plunger and…NO MORE CLOG!!! So happy! Thank you.

20 02 2012

OMG!!! Thank you, thank you so much for sharing this tip. With 2 teenaged boys and a toddler little girl, I was going crazy trying to fix our one toilet in the house. I started plunging at 8pm til past midnight when I found your site. And I know my boys would be so grateful when they find out in the morning that our toilet is fixed. THANK YOU!!! MUAAAH

26 02 2012

It worked. Seriously, I didnt even need the hot water.
There was i time after I had flushed where it was just blue and bubbly, and I thought it was a gimmick. Then BAM! It just went down man!
Took me hours before this method to try to unclog it. What A freakin’ life saver…

1 03 2012

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…..it worked……awesome….amazing and flushable!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 03 2012

Hi, can what you flush down the toilet return at a later time, and please believe me there is a reasonable explanation for this question.

5 03 2012
John Trafny

You are the man.

16 03 2012


16 03 2012

its not working

28 03 2012

Thanks to this trick- it really works! I was cleaning my toilet and the brush toilet separates to the handle and blocked my toilet – i tried the plunger, vacuum but to no avail- so I search and search because when I call a plumber- it cost me a 100dlrs and he said the remedy if it cannot be taken with the snake – he will replace toilet and cost me more- i was so desperate for 4 days- i have to go work early and use the toilet there- i was skeptical to try this but – why not and it works!!!! thank you thank you..

10 04 2012

It worked!! Thank you it would’ve been an ugly situation if I don’t thank you!!

11 04 2012

Omg it worked!!!! I didint have any dish soap so I pumped a few drops of Palmolive hand wash liquid instead, followed by boiling hot water and started plunging, nothing happened for the first 12th plunges so I was getting a bit worried because the water level was quite high, then I gave it another 12 and wooosh everything went down like magic!!! Thanks so much for this tip!!

7 06 2012

o-o dude holy sh*t ok so i was eating a tomato because appearantly its good for your health and i tripped and it landed in the toilet,after i had gotten up to get it out i was dazed and hit the handle instead,after i had given up hope,i read this didn’t get almost all the water out,but i did the soap and water,and it went down..genius you also saved me waking my parents up because its like 2:40 am and they can hear the water coming from the main bathroom,so too many flushes is suspicious >.<

17 06 2012

Really!!!!!! Tripped and then accidentally hit the flush handle,,,,,, wow

16 06 2012

Absolutely worked. Engulfed in a very very ugly fecal situation (teenage kids and God-knows-what down the toilet). Tried plunging for an hour. No. Tried baking soda and vinegar. No (although it did display an interesting water color). This morning I tried this. YES! Soap for 30 minutes, almost boiling water for 10 minutes, plunged about 20 plunges. Noticed through the bubbles that water was gone. Held my breath and tried a flush. Water down the drain. Happy Fathers Day.
PS: this absolutely worked. You’d be an idiot to not immediately try this.

17 06 2012
C. Tyler

I’ve gotta admit, I was skeptical but desperate. It took two tries, but it worked! Saved me that expensive call to a plumber on a Saturday night because I only have one bathroom. Thanks!

21 06 2012

OMG! This so works. Unbelievable but thank you so much.

8 07 2012

oh my god… after flushing 3 condoms i was scared to death to tell my dad what i did! but it worked! thank you so so so much

9 07 2012
Amanda Kuhlman

I’ve heard that you can use hot water with the dish soap, but *not* to use boiling water because it can crack the porcelain. Does anyone know if that’s true?

28 12 2012

I used boiling water and I had heard the same thing. I do believe the boiling water is what made it work so well and my porcelain is fine.

30 12 2012

There is a seal under the base of the toilet and boiling water might damage that seal and your toilet will leak. Hot water is fine from the tap. .

16 11 2013

This is true, it is possible. Hot tap water works just fine. Use larger amounts, like a 2 gallon bucket, and pour from waist level. Same effect, safer for your toilet AND the wax seal.

21 07 2012

All I had to say was Wow! I works!!! On two toilets:

Toilet #1: I spent $145 dollars for some “plumber” to use the snake and note: “toilet is too old, water draining is not normal. No warranty for backup. Need to be replaced.” We were able to flush after repeated tries and got by until another of our toilets clogged today…

Toilet #2: I was advised to use liquid plumber and then found out after it was too late that it was not supposed to be used in toilets. I Googled to find out why and ran into this life-saver blog! We tried it out just as you pointed out…boiling water and all… and then pumped. At first we flushed and the dirty water went all the way up and then slowly disappeared! We flushed again and it flushed perfectly.

Tried it on Toilet #1 and it flushed full force again! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing!!!! Learned my lessons well.

13 09 2012
Cloged tolet | Bgpsav

[…] When Your Toilet Gets Clogged « joey moggieJun 27, 2007 … OK fine. I ADMIT it. I flushed a *few* paper towels down the toilet. I was cleaning it at the time. Anyways, long story short – the toilet clogged and … […]

18 09 2012

IT WORKS! My wife is disabled and has to use a bedside commode chair. I was emptying it into the toilet, and all the paper, baby wipes and mess was just too much. Tried plunging repeatedly for over an hour, no luck. I followed these directions exactly, then flushed… I plunged maybe twice and then GONE! I even flushed the toilet three more times just to check, and it flushed full-force every time THANK YOU & GOD BLESS for posting this!

29 09 2012
Much ado

Worked for me on a toilet paper clog from a week ago. Didn’t follow the directions exactly; put the soap in (stirred it up a bit with toilet brush), then poured in hot water from the microwave (1min 40 sec), and flushed right away so the water wouldn’t cool down (my clog was further down the piping.) Did it once, let it sit for 20 minutes, repeated. No more clog.

5 11 2012

YES–it DOES work but it did take a few pots of water to actually get it to work. I tried this after plunging for an hour, using snake, and a wire coat hanger – I just ended up with a scratched toilet that would not flush! Took about an hour but it is now good and I keep checking to be sure it really is gone!! Thanks for the great tip and no plumber fees!!

16 11 2013

Wrap these things with an old rag, secure with rubber band. Voila- no scratches.

2 12 2012

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7 12 2012

Trying it right now hope it works

13 12 2012
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28 12 2012

This worked!!! Luckily I have 2 bathrooms cause my toilet had been clogged for two weeks!! I repeated the process twice and it worked!!!;)

9 02 2013

I’m soooo happy!!! My flusher is flushing!!!

13 02 2013

So my best friend is experiencing the toilet clog via condom right. I wonder if it will actually work. What makes this so funny is it’s 1:36am, I’m telling over Skpe and her mom is alseep on the sofa.

4 03 2013

Oh Wow! It works!!! Amazing! Going to wake up my husband to tell him what I did ALL BY MYSELF (and with the help of Google). Lol

6 05 2013
tamara b.

I have done this method multiple times.. at least 6 times to be exact and it is still not working….. wonder why it is not working?

7 05 2013
tamara b.

NEVERMIND..it is working now..I’m in shock.
Thank you

19 05 2013
Eboni Campbell

I just have to say that this method works like a charm!!! I am so glad that I’ve come across this blog because I was in panic mode. I have 3 children, one of them being a toddler, and for the past few days I’ve noticed a slow flush. I couldn’t figure out why that was happening. Anyways, last night my toilet just stop flushing. It would fill up but wouldn’t flush. It actually did overflow and my floor was soaked. I turned off the water supply and did what you’ve suggested. I was jumping up and down for joy because I couldn’t believe that it actually worked. Thank you so much for your help and bringing my sanity back! I will tell my kids to remember this so that when they are on their own, they have this to fall back on, should this happen to them!

18 06 2013
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21 07 2013
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30 07 2013

I poured the boiling water and dish soap into the bowl but then read elsewhere on the Internet that it can crack the bowl or melt the seal… It looks okay so far, but I’m afraid to flush!

27 11 2013

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1 02 2014
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15 10 2014


1 12 2014

Hi was wondering if anyone could help me my toilet has been blocked for the past 3 days I’ve tried plunging, hot water and washing up liliquid, a mop with bags over the end literally nothing is working. This morning went to check on it and my whole bathroom floor was soaking and it started overflowing really badly took the top of tank off to try find the thing you turn the water off but couldn’t find it. Spoke to my landlord and he was really nasty about it saying its my responsibility and if I want to sort it out its my problem. I unfortunately do not have that kind of money to phone a plumber I’m a single mother on my own. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions anything would be really helpful right now as in desperate need of help. Many thanks

11 07 2016

It destroyed my seal on my toilet.

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