The Daughter She Never Had

13 06 2007

Its our wedding anniversary this week.  5 years.  A long time by today’s poor standard of marriage.

Both my parents and Colin’s parents are still married.  Its almost like we are out of the norm having both sets of parents in 30 year plus marriages.

Mrs Graham sent us a lovely anniversary card, and this card convinces me I’m the daughter she never had.

Read closely. . . . . .

In addition to the card my Mother in Law sent, was a postcard sent by our mortgage broker.

It was about how to buy your Ex’s share of the house WHEN your marriage fails!

Interesting sense of timing on that, eh??

Poooooooohey!  Colin is stuck with me for a very very very very very very long time!  🙂

I love you Colin.




8 responses

13 06 2007

That’s hilarious – I had quite a laugh when I saw it!
Happy Anniversary!!

13 06 2007

Thanks Jo-Ann. . . . .

Knowing Mrs Graham as well as you do (being related and all) I’m sure you aren’t surprised by the card. . . . .

That one is very much a keeper 😉

Say hi! to Solenne for us!

13 06 2007

That card is hilarious. Congrats on your anniversary. It will be 4 years for Stephen and I come September.

13 06 2007

Thank you very much SkyWindows. . . . .

13 06 2007

TOO funny…I cannot stop laughing!!

14 06 2007


Her heart is in the right place


16 06 2007

I’ve had two mother-in laws (so far – lol! – I like to keep him on his toes!) the first hated me for taking her precious son away from her – I swear she celebrated bit time when we got divorced and has never bothered to see her two gorgeous granadsons since. The second was a strident german lady, elegant, beautiful and interesting – although very hard to handle. sadly she died in 1996 of cancer – and despite her being a right handful, I still fondly miss her. She had finger-nails to die for – long, red, beautifully manicured talons – and would occasionally try to scratch my eyes out with them! Sigh!

16 06 2007

I’m lucky to have such a good relationship with my mother in law. . . . . .

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