So You Think You Can Dance MUSIC 6/13/2007 Week 1

13 06 2007

Fox Broadcasting Official SYTYCD Website

Music selections from Previous Weeks.

Group Numbers from Previous Weeks.


Jamie & Hok (Hip Hop)

  • Tamborine by Eve

Danny & Anya (Jive)

  • Girlfriend by Avril Lavinge

Lacey & Kameron (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

  • Dancing by Elisa

Sabra & Dominic (Disco)

  • No More Tears by Donna Summer & Westlife

Ashlee & Ricky (Argentinean Tango)

  • Sentimiento Tanguero by Trio Federico-Berlingieri

Jesus & Sara (Jazz by Wade Robson)

  • Cabaret Hoover by The Triplets of Belleville

Pasha & Jessi (Smooth Waltz)

  • Come Away with Me by Norah Jones

Faina & Cedric (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

  • Get it Shawty by Lloyd

Lauren & Neil (Salsa)

  • Friday Night Rhythm by Mazerati 5

Shauna & Jimmy (Broadway)

  • Ease on Down the Road from the Wiz


  • Sabra Johnson: “Shine”—David Gray
  • Dominic Sandoval: “Let’s Groove”—Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Ashlee Langas: “Cry Me a River”—Barbra Streisand
  • Ricky Palomino: “Virtual Insanity”—Jamiroquai
  • Faina Savich: “Ain’t No Other Man”—Christina Aguilera
  • Cedric Gardner: “Dream Within a Dream”—Wade Robson



22 responses

20 07 2007

Its been driving my friend and myself crazy…What are the songs they play when they show the good bye videos?

20 07 2007

The songs for season three are:
Departure song/Girls – I Will Remember You by Ryan Cabrera
Departure song/Boys – Goodbye by Audio Adrenaline

24 07 2007

I realize that I’m a bit late with this, but I fell instantly in love with the routine that Lacey and Kameron did on the first show, 6/13/07. I tried to look for the song that they danced to (Dancing by Elisa) and I have not been able to find it. I am leaving this comment in hopes that someone will be able to help me out. Thanks!

24 07 2007

Have you tried LimeWire??

It won’t be a studio quality, but it will probably be pretty good.

27 07 2007

Hey Everyone!

I simply adore that you are all coming to my blog to visit, I have ALL the music from all weeks on my blog.

I respectfully ask that you SEARCH first before posting your question.

If you are looking for a song title of something played during SEASON THREE SYTYCD you will find it here.

Please search first. Click the SYTYCD button on the right hand side, or use this link!!!!

Thank you!!!

9 09 2007

This has been killing me: What was the Hip-Hop song used in Vegas week choreographed by Shane Sparks?

9 09 2007


I have no idea what the song is.

I only noted and recorded down the song from the the performance shows.

14 09 2007

hey guys,
ive been searching EVERYWHERE…but cant seem to find it!
im looking for the song that was used at the start of this episode where they all dance together!
any help would be great! cheers

14 09 2007

They did a different group number each week. . . .

Can you describe the music, what they where wearing, lyrics to the music, who choreographed it. .. . .

15 09 2007

hey, sorry it was a bit brief but i couldnt remember much at all about it… but i found the song now 🙂 it was: busta rhymes – put your hands where my eyes can see
– Nic

15 09 2007



Glad you found what you were looking for. . . . .


15 09 2007

Hi im from australia,
My question is on the advert on t.v
there was snippets and the sonmg im after i cant seem to find.

It sounded rather old (perhaps and old style)
lyrics sounded like(may not be correct)
‘ Step out of my head, im leavin the beat ‘
Performed by a female artist:x

May not even be a song that a couple danced too:x

If any1 has any idea on the song would be greatly appreciated.


16 09 2007

Hummm, I’ll have to think about it. . . . .

It doesn’t come to me right off the top of my head.. . . .

19 09 2007

i think the song on las vegas week was p diddy and keyshia cole one-last night??

19 09 2007

song called “last night”

24 09 2007

Listening to Dancing by Elisa

21 10 2007

hey, would anyone happen to kno the song that jessi dances to for her solo’s before the couple shows .. its a female artist.. “just like the stars in the sky” its jz realli go0d.. cant get it out of my head. Thanks

1 11 2007


If I’m correct the song that Jessi danced to is called “I Love You” By Cheri Dennis.

Hope that helps if it is.

Thanks Joey, this sight has been extremely useful for my contempory and just the general listening.

Anna x

3 12 2007

hi thanks for putting this up..i’ve been downloading like crazy! LOL
anyway, i was wondering if you knew the song title of Lauren’s audition piece?

3 12 2007

hi thanks for putting this up..i’ve been downloading like crazy! LOL
anyway, i was wondering if you knew the song title of Lauren’s audition piece? i’d really appreciate it, dude..thanks!

5 01 2008

k well im pretty sure that i heard this song on this show but i dont know who danced to it or anything like that but i think the song might be called beauty in the breakdown? i dont know, its like a slow song and she says beauty in the breakdown in the lyrics. i would really really really like to know who sings it and wut its really called!

13 01 2008

Doris: The song Jessi danced to in her audition was “Like a Star” by Corrinne Bailey Rae


Kelso: The song you’re thinking of is “Let Go” by Frou Frou

Great site.

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