Scott & Manny

13 06 2007

Scott came over last night for a little more Colin BBQ action.  We made brochettes.

Scott adores Manny.   His girlfriend’s cat, as discribed by Scott, is the devil incarnet.

We had Scott and another friend Vlad over on Sunday for a BBQ for Colin’s birthday.  Vlad had arrived first, and Manny being the attention whore that he is tried everything to get Vlad to pay attention to him.  No dice, little kitty!  Vlad isn’t really a ‘cat person’.

Vlad and Colin went out to the shops to pick up a few last minute items, and while they were out Scott arrived.

A few minutes before Scott arrived I was telling Manny that he was coming over.  And as Scott’s car rolled into the drive way little Manny was at the door like a speeding bullet doing little circles, purrs and whiirrrrrs in excitement.

He knew Scott would pay attention to him.   Manny loves all the attention Scott gives him, and generally Manny follows him around while he visits.

Even last night Manny was ever so excited to see Scott.  Its very cute actually.

Colin and I have made an important decision about Manny.  If Colin and I die, or end up in a situation or move that means I can’t take my beloved cats,  Manny is to go live with Scott.

Scott is even Manny’s friend on Facebook (Yes!  My cats all have ‘CATBOOK’ profiles!)

Aren’t they a cute couple?




5 responses

13 06 2007

It’s clear that they understand more English than we realize… I just wish we could understand them better!

13 06 2007

I know it!

I wish I could speak cat, or at least understand what I was saying when I ‘meow’ back at them! 😉

16 06 2007

How do I get to read your gorgeous fluffy cats profiles? You are sooo lucky!

I am still mourning the loss of my adored cat, Henry who died in november 2004. I’d like another cat – but still weep uncontrollaby at the thought of usurping him.
If you’d like to see him go to:

16 06 2007

Also – go to:
for more lovely pics of Henry!

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