Cat & Mouse #2

9 06 2007

c a t & m o u s e

3 quirky things you find attractive in a person of the opposite sex

Small cute clusters of freckles.

Groomed eyebrows (not waxed, just groomed

Arched feet.

under what circumstances, if any, would you share your significant other?

I couldn’t.

name one thing the person closest to you doesn’t know about you, but you wish they did.

That I wish we did more activites together.

10 things about you-

1 thing you want to change ::

My appearance.  Meaning my weight, and my sparatic adult acne.

2 things that are so *YOU* that they’ll never change ::

I’m stubborn, and sometimes act ‘like my mother’

I’ll never stop talking to my cats in my special ‘Cat voice’

3 things you want to learn ::

to knit

to do a cartwheel

to cook better

4 things you want to pass on ::

Enjoyment of the arts, specifically dance and theatre arts.

Love of cats and animals

Appreciation for historic artifacts, musumns, and works of arts.

Good eye for photography, even though I don’t have superior equipement or training.

say something important to someone who reads your blog
I want to be your friend, we’re sisters now, and I want to get to know you.    I often feel like I failed as a sister with my own flesh and blood, and perhaps I view you as a second chance at sisterhood.  I want to be someone you call with news, or with something you need a friendly ear to hear.   I want to be someone you call family because you want to. . .  . . .

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. c a t & m o u s e . is a . j u g g l i n g C a t s . production




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