Cat & Mouse #3

8 06 2007

c a t & m o u s e

link 5 posts from your blog that you particularly enjoy or are proud of (in no particular order, and yes I know there is six)

My First Love
It was theraputic to write about Matt.  I felt like I let go of things I needed to, and cemented memories that were important.

The World’s Ugliest Couch
The nosolgic leather couch.  Ahhhhh, the memories.

In The Bag
Tips & Tricks for bagging your own groceries.

I hope there is still room on the Bandwagon! Pls VOTE FOR JOEYMOGGIE
I had so much fun writing this entry.  Its not particularly funny, witty or moving.  But it was fun.

How to get your Team Sponsored, or Laughed At
I put alot of time and research into writing this entry. Originally it was written for an online forum, but I was happy with it so I posted it on my blog.   Its since been linked to various other forums, as well as used in several paintball related magazines.

Put Your Tits Away Love
I am proud I had an opinion, even though I was surprised that no one else shared it.  I’m not nessasarily proud of the writing.

top 4 reads on your blogroll




Viva Las Vegas

3 things your readers need to know about you if they are to have any hope understanding your blog

I am one cat short of being a crazy cat lady

I like to talk about myself, and am all about the blantant self-promotional post

joey moggie is really a hodgepodge of topics.  Cats, Celebrity News, Funny News, Sewing, my life in general. . .  .I’m not very good at keeping a theme going.

2 things you refuse to blog about

My sex life.

My family ‘issues’  (Although, I might change this!)

your blog in a nutshell (no austinPowers knockoff jokes, please)

A very self indulgent and blatant self promoting blog, with lots of stuff about cats, memes, and things that get hits to my blog.  I like to post stuff about celebrity happenings, funny news goings-on and my attempts at craftiness.



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