How To Make My Blog Better?

6 06 2007

Since reaching the coveted 100 000 hit mark, I’ve been thinking about how I blog, and how to improve my blog and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

I’d like to ask some questions to my fellow bloggers, and see if you can help me improve.

I’d appreciate any constructive criticism.

I’ll be adding these lists as ideas come to me . . . . .


  • My Technorati rating is very low. I need the most help in this area. *******
  • I need to comment on more blogs. Especially those blogs who support me and my blog.
  • I need to read more blogs, especially outside of WordPress.
  • I need to focus more on certain topics, rather than being so random. I think that is part of the reason I don’t have many subscribers to my blog.
  • I need to organize my blog better. I appreciate how neat and easy it is to navigate blogs like JUGGLINGcats.
  • I need to find a better layout/theme for my blog. (I like to have a customizable header, widgets & page tabs)
  • I need to make sure I always cite sources, even for pictures nicked from the web.
  • I need to make my ‘online’ presence the same across the board, I use too many different avatars on the web.
  • What benefits are there to having your own domain?


  • Predict topic one or two days before and blog about them before people start discussing and Goggling that topic.
  • Give lots of Link Love
  • Support & plug the sites you enjoy. Also be sure to give some love to blogs that give you love.
  • Update older posts with the most current information available about the topic.
  • Top lists & social bookmarking bring in hits, but you have to invest the time into visiting the main website in order to truly benefit.
  • Participate in one or two weekly memes, think of the link love.
  • Monitor your site stats, they can help you learn what people come to your blog in search of.  You might very well be an expert about that topic.
  • Sex sells.

Thank you everyone for your help . . . . .

Happy blogging!

image sources

Think Red




21 responses

6 06 2007
Colon Cleansing

Having your own domain is great, especially if you do focus on one specific topic. The search engines will pick you up easier. You will rank higher for what ever topic you focus on. Ultimately, more users who have never seen your blog, will find it and some will stay. some will go.

Getting your own domain is fairly easy. I think you can buy one thru WordPress. I bought mine thru GoDaddy, because it was cheaper, but you then have to change all of the settings to align your blog with the domain name on GoDaddy’s servers. If you are not familiar with any of this, then you should just go with WordPress. I think a domain is like $15 a year. cheap.

Your layout looks good. Of course, having a customized header is great. I have one on my Randomness Blog. I think it looks good. It looks much better than the header that came with it. That’s for sure.

Don’t knock yourself. Your blog looks good. 100,000 visitors is a LARGE number. You must be doing something right.


6 06 2007
Colon Cleansing

oh yea. forgot to add. Social Bookmarking sites, such as DIGG and Blinklist are also great ideas to spread the word of your blog. It will also help you rank higher on the search engines.

There are dozens of social bookmarking sites on the web.

ok. thats it…

6 06 2007

you might try a prominent *random post* button near the top of your blog. i always click those when i see them. it exposes folk to more than what’s just on your front page.

6 06 2007

I have a ‘random post’ button on my ‘home page’

But this theme does not carry your widgets to the actually entry itself, so the random button isn’t very powerful for me with this theme. . . .

Plus I can’t make purdy buttons like you do 😦 Not that good with art software. . .

6 06 2007

Hey Colon Cleaning.

Nice name btw. . . .and thanks for your input and for stopping by my blog!

Your help was appreciated. 🙂

6 06 2007

contempt is a good solid theme that i used forever, but i am firmly in love with the freshly theme now

the header is surrounded by black, which makes brighter images stand out, but your writing area is white with black text which is easy to read

your pages come up in their own bar under the header and are set apart enough that you actually notice them . . . they don’t fade into obscurity nor do they block your header image.

plus the current page is highlighted in neon green.

unlike older themes it lets you sort your pages as you like rather than settling for alphabetical.

only a single sidebar, but for my money that’s cleaner than having clickables on both sides your posts.

plus the orange headers for each section of the sidebar don’t blend with the text of the sidebars, so you get nice delineation.

when you reply to comments your replies are on a green background while everyone else’s comments alternate grey/white/grey/white. which makes them easier to find, especially when lots of folk start commenting on your blog.

6 06 2007

i’d be happy to make you a button if you like (you’re right, it does help if the button carries over, but i’ve already offered a comment on theme – and, yes, it does carry over on freshly)

i could use one of your pictures of your cats or something.


let me know.

6 06 2007

of course, if you reeeeeealy want people to flock to your blog in droves, post pictures of your pets with cute misspelled captions and change the name to something like

i can has pizza

6 06 2007

:mrgreen: -okay, now i just feel empowering

6 06 2007

one more suggestion and i’ll be on my way

your ::subscribe::contact::find::vote sections – way cluttered.

all those little tags are impossible to read and most of them are probably redundant. i would almost say, if you are really married to them, create a *contact* page and post them all there.

okay, i’ll go away now (or at least for now)
good luck. let me know when you are done with the face lift and i’ll write you up on Blog of the Week over @ j-Cats

6 06 2007

I’m totally doing some LOLcats tonight, just for your Brahnamin. . . . .

I never thought about doing some. . . .


I think a contact page is a good idea. . . . . . .I might look into trying that.

I would adore if you would help me make some nice buttons. Yours are the dogs bollocks!


Thanks Brahnamin. . . .I appreciate your feedback. I really do enjoy the simplicility and ease of use of your site.

I’m excited about the ‘facelift’

yeaaaaaah. 🙂

6 06 2007

my dog was reading over my shoulder. now he looks verrrrry suspicious.

6 06 2007

I like more eye catching colors. Maybe a seasonal thing? Grey seems too serious.
Other than that, I love it.
I like how you touch on mainstream topics with your own twist, not making it just a boring ‘news’ story. I really like your ‘About Me’ idea too!
I especially liked your Wham post. It really allowed me to reflect (and laugh) on my own memories that I don’t usually voice. No pun.
I think you should have a feature called ‘Weekly Pic’, about something you feel strongly about. ie. bad quebec drivers… or a funny pic of your cats.
That’s pretty much it! Oh, and all that stuff that brahnamin said. lol He seems to know his craft pretty well.

7 06 2007

A weekly picture is a fun idea. . . .

Perhaps I can do a weekly LOL cat caption for Brahanmin!

7 06 2007

can you do a cat on a but and caption it *i iz cheezburgr*?

7 06 2007

well that’s gonna make me famous.


cat on a bun.

* shaves head and moves to tibetan monestary *

7 06 2007

(yes, i know how to spell monastery . . . just making a point . . . yeah, that’s the ticket . . . erm . . . move along . . . nothing to see here)

9 06 2007

“…reaching the coveted 100 000 hit mark”
Wow. Quite a milestone. Congratulations.

26 02 2008

Unfortunately you spelled Google wrong in the categories tags 😛

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

3 06 2010
Hugo Klevjer

Yes, really. I agree with told all above. We can communicate on this theme.

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