First Episode of Canadian Idol

5 06 2007

I guess I feel since I secretly devoted more time to American Idol than I should have or even admitted, I feel an obligation to start to watch Canadian Idol.

So far I’ve actually seen two people who I know on the auditions show.

Adam from “The PAC”  and Shannon from my home town, both I knew from dancing.   Shannon got a gold ticket, Adam – well – it was a golden effort!

Congrats  Shannon. . . .if you get onto the show, I’ll vote for you every week!  Way to go girl!

Official Website for Canadian Idol




4 responses

5 06 2007

How is it that you Canadians seems to know everyone? lol That is awesome! I look forward to your live blogs *wink wink*

5 06 2007

hahahah, too funny.

Would you even get Canadian Idol on satelite TV or something??

I’m curious if any Americans know any of the Canadian Idol winners or success stories.

11 06 2007

Some auditions were good… others made me laugh. HARD.

11 06 2007

which ones made you laugh?

which did you like?

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