I Admit, I like Wham.

4 06 2007

Over the weekend we were talking about music we enjoyed in our yesteryear.

Of course as a true child growing up in the 80s and 90s I owned multiple New Kids on the Block albums, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson. I actually even owned “the Joshua Tree” by U2. It was given to me by mom for Christmas, she had asked the store clerk about which was the ‘coolest’ tape on the shelf, I don’t remember ever listening to it then, and it would years before I ever appreciated everything that is U2.

But before the New Kids albums, or even the Joshua Tree, there was WHAM! Wham’s album “Make it Big” was the very first album I was ever given. Wake me Up, before you go-go was my childhood anthem. I played that tape until the actual tape inside the casette stretched and couldn’t be played anymore. I knew every word to every song.

I re-purchased the tape from Play it Again Sam’s in Milton when I turned 17 and got my first car so I had it when I was cruising. I bought the CD used on Ebay a few years after that, and recently I downloaded the Wham anthology from a torrent site.


I simply can’t explain the joyful and giddy feelings and the beautiful memories that silly and cheesy music makes me feel.

At least Wham isn’t as bad as the first tape I ever bought myself. . . . .that would be Milli Vanilli! Yikes!


What music would you call your childhood anthem?




4 responses

5 06 2007

Music of my childhood. I distinctly rememer jumping on my bed as a 5 year old with Karma chameleon playing on the radio. Also I have a vivid memory of a kid walking around the playground with a boombox blaring a Madonna song. This was back when the let us bring toys to school. Before cabbage patch kids blew up and they had to ban them because of the distraction. I remember stealing my sisters tape of Hall and Oates because I thought Maneater was the coolest song I had ever heard.
Fast forward a few years to when I am 16 and am still loving the 80’s music. Everyone in my HS was loving Bush, NoDoubt and grunge while I was scouring music stores for all of the 80’s hits I loved.

Here’s one for you… I still secretly like Milli Vanilli!!

5 06 2007

Thank you Trivial Pursuits. . . .that was simply mint.

I admit to a little of the boy george too on the ipod as well as old Madonna.

I remember in grade 5 staying indoors at recess when it was raining, and washing the blackboards with all the girls in my class singing “Like a Prayer” at the tops of our lungs, singing into the blackboard brushes!

6 06 2007

That was a very good post.
It made me giggle and think about my favs.
Madonna was my idol, I used to color a mole on my face and pretend to have boobs with my friends at seven years old. I loved Cindy Lauper and Tifanny too.
I used to listen to George Michael’s ‘I Want your Sex’ (at a very low volume) while I hid beside my bed. For some reason I thought I’d get in big trouble!
Michael Jackson was cool, Thriller scared me!
So many!
Sigh, the mems.

6 06 2007

OMG! I feel like a failure to all that is 8os having forgot THRILLER!!!!!

Forgive me Lord . . . ..

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