Weekend Round-Up

3 06 2007

Colin and I drove back early Saturday Morning back to Toronto to make a few visits.  Its was exhausting, as it was pretty darn hot.

Saturday Morning :

Drove back to Toronto, made good time.  Went to mall did a few errands, and bought steaks from Wally’s meats for Sunday Dinner.

Saturday Afternoon :

When to my families house, we hung out in the yard, went swimming in the pool and ate BBQ chicken and shrimp.  An informal party for Colin and I who are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary next week. (pictures to follow)

Saturday Night :

The real reason for the trip.  We went to see Ryan (and his parents Chris & Christine) – they have just moved into their newly built house and we wanted to scope out the new diggs.

The house is beautiful, and they will be happy there for a long time to come.

We were having such a nice time eating the awesome mexican fayre and drinking margaritis & sangria that I didn’t take pictures.  I suck

Sunday Morning :

We had a few more errands we needed to run, we picked up a few birthday gifts for Paul, Kate and Mr Graham.

Sunday Afternoon :

We had dinner with the Graham’s and P&K.   Colin BBQ’ed the big steaks we bought.  He is very talented on the grill now.   After lunch we headed over to see my parents again before we left.  My dad made me take some of my storage boxes.  They are trying to clear out some ‘junk’ because I think they would like to start looking at selling the house.

Anyhooooo, thats about it 🙂




2 responses

6 06 2007

It goes by TOO FAST! I hate that about visits.

7 06 2007

i know I know. . . .

and the Drive from VA to QC is way longer than the drive from QC to ON. . . .

My question, is why don’t more people come to ME to visit?

hahahaha, that would be WAAAAAAAAY Easier for me.

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