100 000

31 05 2007

joey moggie has reached 100 000 hits. (I missed the clean 100 000 on my stat bar)

Thank you to everyone who has visited, read, commented and been a part of my blogging experience . . . . .




7 responses

3 06 2007

Congrats! I fuel your blog daily as well!

4 06 2007

Congratulations! I think it says a lot to get 100,000 hits. When there are millions of other blogs, people chose you!

13 07 2007

In just over a month and a bit, I’m at 150 000 hits now!

Who would have thought!

I’m also curious why this entry is getting so much traffic. More than 300 hits in one day? Curious, very curious.

14 07 2007

It’s obvious why this is getting so much traffic. It’s because there’s a pic of Daniel Craig naked which comes up as the first pic when you google Daniel Craig!!

14 07 2007

(and this is the blog which it comes up as being on, though I can’t see it anywhere)

14 07 2007

I do have pictures of Daniel Craig naked. . . . .

If you surf into my blog looking for Daniel Craig naked, use the search feature at the top right of the blog.

You’ll find it. . . .


14 07 2007

As a side note, I guess thats why you used an “anonymous” user name??


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