Memorial Day

28 05 2007

This picture ran in today’s New York Times. See the slide show here

I think it is a moving reminder of the true meaning of the day.  Remember Mary when you are drinking your beer.

 Mary McHugh visited the grave of her fiancé, Sgt. James J. Regan, who was killed in Iraq in February. He is buried in the new Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery for those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.




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30 05 2007

That’s a good reminder of the somber truth.

30 05 2007

isn’t it though?

I just can’t imagine how Mary felt at that moment.

1 06 2007

that is truly a sad sight. i will pay my respects again this weekend in Arlington.

1 06 2007

Arlington must be a powerful feeling place to be. . . .

4 06 2007
Bill Compton

Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

10 11 2007

Thank you Joey, for helping others to remember what all those pretty straight rows of white stones have on them, the name of a fallen soldier. I will be at Arlington in section 60 tomorrow to be with my son Scott on his birthday.

Ed Kirkpatrick

Proud Father of Sgt. Scott Lange Kirkpatrick
KIA 8-11-2007 Arab Jabour, Iraq, #3717
Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Missed terribly

11 05 2008

Chère Famille de James J.Regan
Chère Marie McHugh,
Je vous écris de France. Je vous adresse mes sentiments de tristesse devant votre douleur.
Je pense beaucoup à vous

24 01 2009


When something’s good its never gone.

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