The Last Laugh?

24 05 2007

I was watching TV last night and came across a Canadian ‘game show’ where the contestants can win a house.

They are given the chance to tour the house for 5 minutes alone, then they get 45 to drive around the local area and learn about the amenities, then another 10 minutes in the house with a real estate expert to ask questions specific to the house.

They then have 15 minutes to decide on the price. . . to win the house they must be the closest to the price within $5000.

Its harder than it looks.

They do these ‘mini interviews’ throughout the show to see how the couples of contestants are doing, and how they are feeling during the process.

One couple in particular stood out to me.  The girl was talking about how much she wanted and needed the house, and how important it was to win it and her competitive nature.

She said she would be devastated, and probably cry if they didn’t win.

The girl was someone I went to school with, and someone who wasn’t really nice to me all the time ago.

The show was nearing the final reveal, I watched with baited breath.

Couple one’s envelope revealed.  Their envelope revealed.  Couple three’s evelope revealed.

The presenter of the show says that couple one is closest to the price.

The camera quickly pans to my old school mate with the most heart breaking look of defeat, a long drawn face and tears welling.

I smiled.  And chuckled coyly to myself.

I don’t know why I felt some sort of satisfaction in her loss.  Perhaps its like feeling like I’ve had the last laugh.  

Either way that was then and this is now. . . I think this was me (finally) letting go of the hurt I felt when she and others picked on me.    I wish her successes.   I know I’m enjoying mine.


As for the people who were closest to the price, their bid was only $1000 outside of the $5000 buffer.  If they had made their bid simply $1000 dollars more they would have won!


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4 responses

24 05 2007

Karma’s awesome.
P.S. I tried to fuel your blog today but it didn’t work. It said that I had already voted today, which I didn’t.
Bye for now, hope you’re getting better.

24 05 2007

I think the Fuel My Blog people are in a different time zone, you can fuel once per day. . . .

Thanks for all the fueling Katie, I appriecate it.

And yeah, karma does have that funny way of showing up doesnt it. . .

30 05 2007

Nice bully revenge story. I’m sure you felt some great self-satisfaction just watching the show.

The fact that she made the comments publicly just makes it all the sweeter, I’m sure.

30 05 2007


Thanks for dropping by my blog, Aeisenbe.

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