American Idol Finale Finally Here : JORDIN SPARKS WINS!

23 05 2007

Tonight is live American Idol Finale.

For those that could vote, did you vote Jordin or Blake?

For those that couldn’t vote (like us Canadians) who would you have voted for? (Are all you Canadians looking forward to Canadian Idol starting up soon?)


Tonight’s finale will probably see all this season’s American Idol faces, like Sanjaya, back on stage.

I don’t think I’ll be watching. . .I’m going to wait for SkyWindows to update her blog for the results.


I believe Jordin Sparks will win the title. . . but is winning a burden or a blessing?

Although I wasn’t in North America for many of the American Idol seasons, I can only name two previous winners (Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson)- but I can name quite a few artists who came from the show and didn’t win.(Chris Daughtry, Catherine McPhee, Clay Aiken).

What do you think?


Shameless Plug – btw, if you haven’t please fuel my blog 🙂

*****Update***** Watched the reveal. . . Jordin Sparks is this years American Idol.  Congratulations Jordin.   Now fuel my blog. . . . why?  Because you can! 🙂


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3 responses

23 05 2007

I voted for Jordin. She’s fantastic. I like Blake, too, but I really, truly hate that beatbox (sp?) crap that he does. I guess I’m too old for that kind of “music.”

I love Chris Daughtry, and he thanks his lucky stars that he didn’t win when he was on the show. It may be just as well for Jordin if she does come in second place.

23 05 2007
Goober McGilucudy


You write that Jordan cried at the end of her performance of This Is My Now. She did indeed. Now go back and look at the snips of that performance shown at the end of the show.


For those of you who recorded last night’s show, replay it watching more closely. At the end of the show there are snips of Jordan’s and Blake’s performances. The snips are from ADDITIONAL performances of their songs.

Live! MY BUTT.

It’s obvious the producers picked witch performances they let the TV audience see.

This WREAKS of vote rigging fraud.

23 05 2007

thanks Rachel. . . .

I think I would have voted Blake. i didn’t watch the show last night, but all the same I kind of like him, his style is more my cup of tea.

Goober, thank you for stopping by. I believe that there is a time laspe, but the singing shows and the results shows are different.

the Singing shows are taped earlier and cut/spliced and re-worked. Its usually an hour plus show, right?

The “live” results show is usually the one you see with all the mistakes and stuff. . . no time to edit past dubbing out the swears thanks to the time laspe. . ..

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