Achooing Quietly?

23 05 2007

I sneeze loud. 

I have no idea why.  I don’t have a cute, quiet, danity and lady-like sneeze. .  .I have a truck horn of a sneeze.

Today’s pondering is :

Is there a way to sneeze quieter?

Colin says the quietest way to sneeze is not to sneeze at all, which is true enough, but I’m talking about when there is no option. . . . .but to sneeze!

Any tricks or suggestions?

No suggestions??? thats ok, just fuel my blog instead 🙂




10 responses

23 05 2007
Paul Graham

I find pinching the bridge of my nose when a sneeze is coming on works. I have no idea why it works, but pinch the bone with your index finger and thumb when you feel one coming. Works for me… YMMV

23 05 2007

Paul, does that STOP the sneeze, or just make it quietier?

I don’t want to stop sneezing, I actually like the ‘relief’ I feel. . . I just don’t want to sound like a fog horn when doing it.


23 05 2007

did you fuel my blog?

23 05 2007
Paul Graham

the pinching thing stops the sneeze.

What’s this fuel thing? Isn’t this free anyway? How does that benifit you?

23 05 2007

Ahhh, thanks for clearing that up.

Fuel thing gets me hits. . . .nothing more.

Both WordPress and Fuel my Blog are free. . .

I’ve set myself some goals for the number of visitors to the site, and fuel my blog will help me reach them. . . so that is the benefit.

just click the button, it won’t hurt you. . .

click. click. click.

23 05 2007

Paul’s trick works. It does stop you from sneezing when you have to be quiet. ie. sniper activity, ninja ambushes etc…
Can’t help you on the volume thing.
I’m going to fuel your blog now.

23 05 2007

Thank you Katie. . . .you are my favourite customer service person in the world!

hahahahah . . .

I’m glad I’ve got that trick, I have a ninja-sniper ambush tonight. 🙂

23 05 2007

I fueled you today, and every day I’m online!

I confess to the pinching the bridge of my nose thing. It stops or lessens the sneeze. I find if you press the front of your nose in towards the forehead, it also can stop a sneeze… just not if it’s one of those damn-you’re-going-to-sneeze-no-matter-what kind.

Pinching the nose too hard is bad though… if you totally close the nose, you can sneeze anyway and pop your ears. Bad. Hurts.

31 05 2007

i just quietly hold it in & say a “cue” noise with it

31 05 2007

thank you Sarah for dropping by my blog.

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