Weekend Roundup

20 05 2007


Cheryl and Michael drove up from town to attend a wedding in Quebec City, although their intent was to arrive around 3 in the afternoon they drove into the drive way around 8pm. I had my (much needed) hair appointment Friday night, I got to have a good gab fest with Lisa, but my poor Luigi was ill – so Claudio cut my hair. He is a little older and a heck of alot my excentric. But a good colour and cut none the less. I got home by 8:30. We had a lovely chat, and went to the famous outdoor Dairy Queen down at the edge of the island. Mmmmmmmmm, ice cream.


Colin and I did some errands, we picked up the new lawn mower. Obviously the lawnmower (and the lawn) were christened this weekend. I got some additional plants and fixed up the rest of my front garden. More pictures to follow.


Colin and I had a lie in. After we got up, we tidied up the house for Cheryl and Michael return. They made it back around 8pm, we sat around ate cake drank tee and watched mindless TV talking about all the folks we know. It was nice to catch up.

We watched the 400th episode of the Simpsons. It wasn’t too bad at all.

****Update with Monday’s round up*****

Monday (Victoria Day Holiday)

The crew of us went to La Belle Pro for a late breakfast, afterwards, Cheryl Micheal and I went to Ste. Anne de Bellvue for a walk on the boardwalk and a slushie. We also visited that store in Ste. Anne (whose name escapes me, but those in the area know ‘the store’ I mean)

After Michael and Cheryl got back on the road to join the rest of the holiday traffic back to civilzation, Colin build a bike paddock for our bikes-so we can store them in the yard locked up.




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