I Hope Theres Still Room on the Bandwagon! Pls VOTE FOR JOEY MOGGIE!

14 05 2007


. . . .or in Canada.

One of the simply enjoyable things about a WordPress blog is the stats. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m mad for the stats. At this point, its always been informational and comical – never a race to get hits. I’ve enjoyed the funny & weird search terms people use to find Joey Moggie, and how would I have known Colin’s Grilled Cheese receipe was linked on the Wikipedia page for Grilled Cheese without WordPress stats?

(Joey Jumping on the Bandwagon)

Over the past month or so, I’ve signed my blog up for various ‘top lists’ and I guess as things go, I’m a little interested in them now, and intersted in the hits they produce.

I know and understand very little about the mechanics of the internet, and hope my blog will help me learn.

But in the words of Doug Ingoldsby (who unfortuntaly I didn’t know until today when I was Google-ing for images) I CAN’T DO IT ALONE!




So even with so many great, wonderful, witty, read-worthy blogs out there (Please check out my Blogroll!!!), I respectfully as you to VOTE FOR ME (too).

I’ve been inspired and motivated by the great Fracas, her wit and charm in the face of the unknown to gather and garner votes (Please be sure to FUEL the FRAC here) is truely a work of art. Plus there are cookies. Fresh beautiful homemade cookies.

I thought about similarly offering FREE HOMEBAKED COOKIES, but alas I’m not sure my public could survive my cooking, (You know all 3 of you – three of you since Penseroso DELETED his blog, but he is all and well in Flickr land now as a budding photographer)

I might very well be the only living person to BURN WATER.

Better than Burnt Water! Vote for Joey Moggie!

So here I am with my heart on my sleeve for all to see. I’ll be honest, I have nothing to give, nothing to bribe the blogosphere with, nothing to convince you that my blog is the best thing since sliced bread, or burnt water. . . . .but my wants are simple . . .

  1. I want to show up on Fuel My Blog‘s Personal Blog page. Currently my poor little blog doesn’t even regsiter on that page on Fuel my Blog. I search through the hundreds of little icons to see my beautiful grey kitties snoozing soundly, but so far nothing. I’m not asking to be the top blog, or even on the Fuel My Blog homepage, just on the Personal Blog page. This is a sample of my avatar on FUEL MY BLOG.
  2. I want to be in the top 35 websites of all the Top Lists I am on. Should be easy enough right? (see links below, and on the side bar, click click click)
  3. I want lots of Linky love. I would love to be a “B-List” Blogrbrity, like Fracas, but alas my Technorati ranking is quite low.
  4. Add to Technorati FavoritesC-List Blogger

  5. I want to be on your favourites. I would love to be on 50 different blogger’s favourites on Technorati. Please favourite me! I’ll Favourite you!Add to Technorati Favorites

A couple quick clicks here and there (You can only fuel my blog once a day, so please click back in often.  Membership is now required, but you will come across tons of very worthwhile blogs.) will bring my little blog from the depths of the dark and dingy blog basements to the warm sunshine and light filled main pages and favourite lists.

Come on, you can do it! And I would appreciate it!!

Vote for Joey Moggie Vote for Joey Moggie

Other Places You Can Vote for Joey Moggie


Add to Technorati Favorites

Personal Blogs -  Blog Catalog Blog Directory

Personal blogs

submit a blog

Personal Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Top Blog Lists


Top100 Bloggers

Joey Moggie Buttons & Banners


thank you for all your clicking and linky love!


Joey & the Moggies.


***Update May 15 2007***Its already working!!! Look! I’m even on the homepage!!! Keep voting, thank you thank you thank you!

Follow along with my progress on the various top lists and social listing sites below 🙂

Please remember to VOTE FOR JOEY MOGGIE!!!



Here are the topsite lists, and social listing sites I am a member of, I’d love you to follow along with my progress . . . . . .don’t forget to vote!

Tuesday May 15 2007 : 4 votes today, 86 votes total

Wednesday May 16 2007 : 2 votes today, 93 votes total

Tuesday May 22 2007 : 4 votes today, 102 votes total

Wednesday May 23 2007 : 9 vote today, 106 votes total

Thursday May 24 2007 : 1 vote today, 117 votes total

Saturday May 26 2007 : 2 votes today, 123 votes total

Monday June 4 2007 : 2 votes today, 153 votes total


Add to Technorati Favorites

Tuesday 15 May 2007 : 38=Authority

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : 38=Authority

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 38=Authority

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 34=Authority (I’m going down!!!!!! help! link me!)

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 34=Authority (losing my Authority? Crap! what can I do?)

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 34=Authority

Monday 28 May 2007 : 34=Authority


Personal blogs

Tuesday 15 May 2007 : 60

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : 60

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 14

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 11

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 10

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 10

Monday 28 May 2007 : 11

Monday 4 June 2007 : 19


submit a blog

Tuesday 15 May 2007 : 27

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : 28

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 9

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 9

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 8

Monday 24 May 2007 : 7

Monday 4 June 2007 : 8


Personal Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Tuesday 15 May 2007 : 268

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : 200

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 48

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 45

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 43

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 44

Monday 28 May 2007 : 33

Monday 4 June 2007 : 55


Top Blog Lists

Tuesday 15 May : 91

Wednesday 16 May : 92

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 92

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 90

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 88

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 88

Monday 28 May 2007 : 88

Monday 4 June 2007 : 88


Tuesday 15 May 2007 : 16 votes

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : 16 votes

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 16 votes

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 16 votes

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 16 votes (Hey vote for me on Spicy!!)

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 16 votes

Monday 28 May 2007 : 18 votes


Top100 Bloggers

Tuesday 15 May 2007 : 36

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : 34

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 12

Wednesday 22 May 2007 : 11

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 13

Monday 28 May 2007 : 13

Monday 4 June 2007 : 14


Register for a skinnyscore at www.blogskinny.com and increase traffic

Wednesday 16 May 2007 : Not on List

Tuesday 22 May 2007 : 12

Wednesday 23 May 2007 : 13

Thursday 24 May 2007 : 12

Saturday 26 May 2007 : 12

Monday 28 May 2007 : 14

Monday 4 June 2007 : 21


Screen Shots:

May 15, 2007 @Fuel my Blog. Milestone : Featured on the Homepage

Other Blogs worth Fueling : Click on the links below to go to their websites!
Vote for Fracas

Vote for Jayleen

Vote for Mark @ Blogitude




6 responses

15 05 2007

Joey, I regularly fuel you, Jayleen, Mark, and about five blogs I’ve found at FMB. I’ve looked for your icon there so I can see how many votes you need to get on the “view votes” page and I can’t find you. I know you’re there because when I click your fuel widget, it tells me I’ve fueled your blog, but help me please!!

What category are you listed under?

And you heap way too much praise in my direction.. silly woman, your blog does just as well as mine in lots of those blog directories we’ve been signing up for, and your hits are stacking up too.

So.. tell me what category you’re listed in so I can go make you just as lovely of a plug for votes over at fracas, as you’ve done here.

15 05 2007
Off To The Races « joey moggie

[…] For more information about my quest for votes, click here. […]

15 05 2007

Hey Fracas,

Thank you for your votes! hahahah.

I updated this entry with a picture of my AVATAR for Fuel My Blog.

I got your email too, about switching categories. . .I don’t think my blog fits into any of the other catergories though, I’m a pretty darn selfish blogger so therefore personal I think is the most suited category.

I’m not looking for homepage, I’m just looking to have my little avatar show up on the links page. it doesn’t even show up there yet. . . .

I haven’t been seeing the incoming traffic from the top lists. . . I assume I’m getting ‘some’ but I don’t see it in the stats.

Silly people searching Daniel Craig naked, grilled cheese sandwiches and Emo Kitties keep my hits going up. . . .weird!

Perhaps I should make a thread about Daniel Craig as a naked grilled cheese eating emo kitty.

Yeah, I’m sure thats the ticket.

Thanks again Fracas. . . . .

15 05 2007

Oh my.. so you mean when I click the “personal” category and wait for all the avatars to load, that yours isn’t even appearing on that page? There must be something wrong then because I’ve noticed new blogs with only a vote or two with avatars there. In fact, I clicked a couple of those brand new ones yesterday, checked out their sites and fueled/didn’t fuel according to my own personal whim.
However, since you and Jayleen are my buds.. I don’t think I can rest until I see you on that “view votes” page. So far, it seems once you get past 100 votes, you end up on the page. We can do that… easy!

I went to fmb and saw you on the “top blogs today” bar for your category. So.. I came back to tell you that you had 87 votes and that “view votes” page is well within reach, and found that you’d already seen it.

(Big surprise since you’re ahead of me on the clock being in the East and me in the West.)

Way to go Joey! It won’t be more than a smidge before you’re on the “view votes” page and then you’ll get some traffic and fueled by other fuelmyblog folks too!

15 05 2007

OK, Joey, I have officially fueled your blog today.

15 05 2007

Awww, thanks!

Your a doll.

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