To the Mothers in my Life

13 05 2007

Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers in my Life . . . . .
I love you!


Also a special Happy Mother’s day to Jo-Ann, this is her first Mother’s day as a mum!



7 responses

13 05 2007

Thanks Joey! I had an awesome day today – a nice present from Solenne and a fabulously lavish brunch with family.

13 05 2007
Christine Hann

Hey – I have to hit you up for an ipod cover. Chris & Ryan got me one for Mother’s Day – it’s pink! I was surprised, I kept hitting Ryan up for clues but he just kept saying da da da da da da da, oh he burped too!

14 05 2007

Pick your colour. . . . . .

I’ll make it ASAP. . . .

You got the Nano, right?

14 05 2007

It’s your day too!

14 05 2007

hahha, hardly.

I’ve never actually refered to myself as my cats ‘mother’ before. . .


14 05 2007
Christine Hann

Yes, got the Nano, it’s pink! I trust your judgement!

14 05 2007

i’ll do you something nice Christine. . .

don’t you worry. . . .hahhahahahah

Off to put my thinkin’ cap on. . .

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