Marty’s Doppelganger

12 05 2007

One of my cats, Marty, has a doppelgänger living just across the street.

The Champ

My Handsome Marty

I’ve blogged about The Champ before, but I’ve never been able to get a ‘good’ picture of him to be able to do a picture comparision of the two of them. The Champ will be moving in a month (His owner just bought a new house), so I had to get this post in before the move.

Today The Champ was chilling out in wilds of my back yard. I invited him up to our house on the back deck, I was trying to get a picture of the two of them together.

Champ outside, Marty inside.

Besides the obvious fact they are both grey, with amazing emerald eyes, they also share the same sort of build and they are both Hemmingway POLYDACTYL (Extra Toe Cats).

I think that the Champ is longer and a lighter shade of grey, his face is also a little more angular than Marty’s.

They really are hard to tell apart, but I have no problem telling them apart. I think that the ease I have of telling them apart is how a parent knows their kids. Again in the theme of parents and children, I think my Marty is the most handsome 🙂 hahahaha




3 responses

13 05 2007

I think so too! He’s a real cutie..

14 05 2007

Thanks Katie!

14 05 2007

Of course your own moggie is always cuter. What kind of mom would you be otherwise? 😉

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