Emo Image Thursday

10 05 2007

Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature at joeymoggie, click the Emo Image Thursday button on the sidebar for more Emo Images.




7 responses

10 05 2007

awwwwww,not nice. Poor thing.

10 05 2007

gotta loves da emos. . . .

they iz funnnny

4 09 2007

Being emo isn’t funny. i am. don’t bother laughing and don’t delete this. and anyway. emo is mostly a music genre, wherever the heck people have gotten ’emo’s slit their wrists] from i don’t know, but it’s not always true. and tbh. i think emo image thursday is an insult to all emo people. even if half the sites were MADE by them, they’re showing what they feel. so yeah, it’s an insult. >=[

4 09 2007

Well, you’ve just perpetuated the stereotype. . . . .

Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature on joeymoggie. . . . . I do a common “Google Image Search” for “Emo Image” and this is what pops up.

Don’t hate me because I posted the picture, hate yourself and other ’emos’ for creating the art and pictures I post. . . . . .

There are no insults here, simply me posting pictures of something people come to my blog to find – – – – –

4 10 2007

18 10 2007

i need to make this clear
please please please, search anywhere not google, most of the images from google just suck and cant even be classified at emo
on a side note, i do find the stereotypical emo a bit discriminative

9 12 2007

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