Who The Heck Keeps Google-ing Me?

9 05 2007

The past few days I’ve got a huge number of hits from people searching ‘me’ and Colin.

Now I’ve never hidden ‘my identity’ with my blog, but all the same – who the heck are all these lurkers??

You know who I am, who the heck are you?




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9 05 2007

i wish wordpress has a counter/tracker to see what IP address visitors are coming from. Do you know of any? Sheesh I’m facing the same problem!!

9 05 2007

I’m sure another counter service offers that, but unfortuntaly for me, having an IP addy means nothing really. What the heck would I do with that info. . . how would you match it up. . . too much work. . . .


I’d just like to know who is google-ing, and for those people to say ‘hey! its so-and-so’

you know, the easy route!

10 05 2007

you’d have made a great cop, joey!

*joey, in the interrogation room*

okay, here’s a pen and paper. if you could just write out a full confession we’ll process your paperwork . . .


10 05 2007

It’s your secret admirer. It might be possible that my friends who visit my site have been checking yours out too, ‘cos your link is up on mine…Who knows…

10 05 2007

Brahnamin, yup! I like donuts, I’m a little more round around the middle than I should be and I like the easy route. . . .love a good sterotype.

Katie, WordPress gives you great stats – I can tell how many people click to the site from your site – but it also tells me the search terms people use to find my blog- – -I’m talking about people who are just google-ing me. . . .typing my name into the box and clicking ‘feeling lucky’ hahahah!

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