LOVE Marche Adonis!

9 05 2007

On the past weekend while Colin and I were out on our errands (looking for lawn mowers) we decided to stop at Marche Adonis for some fresh steaks to put on the BBQ for dinner.

When we’ve been to Richmond’s house for a BBQ he always buys his meat from there, so we knew we were expecting good beef.

We walked up and down the fresh fruit and vegetables, not since we lived in England and bought from the local fruit market have we seen such beaufiul, undamaged, ripe and perfect produce! That is one thing I’ve always hated about Canada – is that you can only really get good produce for a short period of time each year.

Marche Adonis is Lebanese, and imports much of its fruit and vegetables this time of year (from Spain & Greece), but because they are a small market everything is well taken care of. There was little to none bruised fruit on the counters.

I was very impressed! (Remember I worked in a grocery store, so I’m a grocery snob as it were)

We continued onto the fresh cheese counter, the large Olive and anti-pasto counter, then to the glorious fresh meat counter.

We bought filet minon. 5 huge beautiful and tender steaks for $20.00. There was also fresh made souvlaki and brochettes as well sausages.

We checked out the fresh fish (which all looked great and very fresh!). Then onto the bakery and fresh bread. We picked up a still warm french baguette (that we ate in the car on the way home)

Pickled eggplant, jalapenos stuffed with feta cheese, fresh made spicy steak rub rounded out our purchases.

We quickly went home and got started. Colin being the master of the BBQ got to work on preparing the meat with the spicy steak rub.

I cut the vegetables up so we could grill them too on the BBQ (We have one of those grilling baskets, which is a MUST for anyone who BBQs alot like us)

The meat was by far the most glorious steak we’ve ever cooked at home. It was simply perfect!

The ingredients of the perfect steak are as follows:

  • add one Colin who loves to BBQ, and understands the importance of tempurature on the BBQ
  • add great and beautiful FRESH meat from a place like Adonis
  • add good quality spices

I went back to Adonis last night to pick up some more steak and other fresh meats and vegetables. We plan on BBQing all week!


Marche Adonis

4601 Boul Des Sources
Roxboro QC, H8Y 3C5

Phone: 514-685-5050
Fax: 514-685-9268




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9 05 2007

Adonis is definetely great. It used to be a crusty and stinky grocery store before they did all of their renovations. Their prices are great too.
The prices here are unbelievably high. I went to the “Food Giant” yesterday, and they had 1 ear of corn for $1.99!!! FOR 1!!! I definetely miss Qc for their prices.
They have amazing “Cherry Bombs” at Marche de L’Ouest (hot pepper/feta). It is at a small olive hut. Worth every penny! Can’t wait ’til I get back for some.

9 05 2007

Marche L’Ouest. . . is that the one near the starbucks & wendy’s???

9 05 2007


9 05 2007

Yep.That’s the one…

9 05 2007

Wooooo hooo. Thanks Katie!!!

btw, Rab’s blog sucks. . . you’d think a battle MC would have more to say.


30 05 2007

Adonis is a lebanese store and not greek, just for your info Greeks need 1000 years of evolution to get near lebanese………..

11 08 2007

thanks for the correction, very appreciated

13 08 2007

random, very random. . .

That was like months ago you last visited my blog.

Very weird. . .

and random.

28 05 2008
Samir El-Khoury, D.U.UdeM

Yes you remind me of a great period back in 1992 as we lived in the neighbourhood for some time, we used to enjoy this fancy 1920 french-style quality Adonis marché; some lebanese opted for that rare style in their food business tradition. Now we’re abroad but as I read all this by coincidence, soon as we’re back I intend to remind my wife of that place, can’t wait for a serious BBQ with lebanese rosé Ksara or the other one, Kefraya, just great. This stuff is not cheap, but we always care for quality.
Thanks for your site

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