8 05 2007

I was talking the other day with a work collegue, he is older gentleman and wonderfully Polish and very quirky. He is our ‘numbers and figures guy’.  Often when you discuss things with him he can’t see past the numbers or won’t accept an answer without them.

“Show me the proof. I need data”

He has a lined face that has laughed and seen so much of the world.  His eyebrows are greying and unruly but frame kind and gentle eyes. 

We often talk about his mothers perogie receipes,  and bottles of Polish moonshine.

I always make time for him, his stories are fabulous and colourful.  He laughs at his own jokes.

He wears glasses and often wears black pants and turtle necks. His look often reminds me of “Dieter” from the Saturday Night Live skit “Sprockets” although Dieter was an effeminate German who loved dance parties, and Mike Myers (who protrayed Dieter) is a Scottish-Canadian, both he and Numbers have a distinct European/Slavic look to them.

Numbers asked me to look at a cryptic email message he received from the boss, he was unsure of the meaning.  The context.   He was concerned he didn’t understand what the boss was telling him.  There were no digits or math.  No proof or data.  Numbers was out of his element.

The message was simply this

: )




4 responses

9 05 2007

LMAO!!! Too funny.

9 05 2007

You know who that is, eh Katie. . . .


Love him!

15 05 2007

Ha! Poor guy!
I love that Dieter sketch, it cracks me up every time!

15 05 2007

me too!!!!

One of my faves.

Actually, most of my fave ’90s skits had mike myers.

What was that skit where he was a chocolate hyped up kid, strapped to the playground?

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