GI Joe

7 05 2007

Friday was a special day for Colin.  His ‘new’ GI Joe Command Center arrived.  As you can see by this photo below, its been a long time since Colin owned a GI Joe Command Center.  (Paul is on the left, Colin on the right).
Since today is Paul’s birthday, I thought it would be cute to use a baby picture of him in my birthday blog greeting, and low and behold I find this gem, what perfect timing!!!!

I really wanted Colin to pose with his new GI Joe Command Center, so you could see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ – but he would have none of it.

Recently Colin has taken to collecting all the old GI Joe action figures from his youth (circa 1983-1984).  He has got himself a pretty respectable collection in a short period of time.

The GI Joe Command Center is by far the largest purchase so far.

Hopefully we’re going to head up to the flea market in Hudson next weekend, apparently they have a great toy bazar with lots of GI Joes (or so we’ve been told).

I’m on the look out for some new chairs for the kitchen myself.

So, if you got some old GI Joes kicking about your place, and you’d like to secure them a new home – please let me know.




One response

9 04 2008

Hi I love Gijoe and I collect them too, so if you want to share some pictures let me know

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