Garden Version 1

6 05 2007

I was out in the garden today, I put some soil out – ready to plant flowers next weekend.

Here are some pictures of what is already growing. . . .

Some teeny tiny Violets

Some large and lushious White Tulips

I have no idea what this plant is, its something planted last year, that I didn’t kill.  Be impressed!!!!  When I saw it at the nursury It reminded me of a pot plant, which amused me, therefore I had to have it.

These technically aren’t growing. . . . .  .but anyways, here are two of the ‘tiki idols’ we got for our garden.  They’ve been scaring the bloody mourning doves off though, which is a good thing.




6 responses

7 05 2007

Great inspiring photoes. Makes me want to go to a botanical garden

7 05 2007

hahahah, you think Kenneth? Thank you ever so much for the kind words. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

15 05 2007
Garden Version 2.0 « joey moggie

[…] garden , Family & Friends , home  Recently I posted some picture of my pre-planted garden here, this past weekend I planed some new plants. I bought all plants that could live in full sun (the […]

30 05 2007
Garden Version III « joey moggie

[…] Garden Version 1 […]

31 05 2007

Everything looks pretty. Tulips are my fav!

31 05 2007

thanks Katie. . . .

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