Wedding! Abby & Luka Tie the Knot on ER. . . . . finally.

3 05 2007

I’m happy to announce that Abby and Luka finally got married.  Yeeeeeah!

Luka surprised Abby with the ceremony, she had no idea till she arrived at venue. . .  .

It was beautiful. . . .  .




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3 05 2007

Didn’t he get married in Real Life too? Or maybe he had a baby…

4 05 2007

what do you mean ‘real life’. . . .I’m confussed.


4 05 2007

Your referring to him getting married on the show ER right?

I was talking about the actor getting married… or having a baby or something…

Aww here it is:

He adopted a baby boy…,,640758_20037531,00.html

Sorry for the confustion

4 05 2007


I was kidding. I think I might have started the confusion. . . haha!

ER is my one and only true MUST WATCH hour of television. I could go on and never watch TV again, except for ER.

I think of the characters like ‘real people’ its actually quite sad. . . hahahah.

I cried MORE when Dr. Greene died than at any funeral I’ve been to in real life.

I was upset for like 2 days after the show aired!


I adore ER, but I never follow what the actors do once they are off my screen. . . .

Thanks for the link. . . .


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