Technical Difficulties turns into WOOHOOO For WordPress! :)

1 05 2007


Mark at WordPress has already replied to my email (LESS than ten hours after I sent it!!)

The problem seems to have been fixed, and I haven’t lost any of my stats.

WOO HOO for WORDPRESS!!!!   WordPress ROCKS! 

 Thank you again, Mark!


WordPress is giving me issues. So please bear with me.  I might be in and out for the next few days until the Fine people at WordPress get back to me.

My dashboard is telling me my Blog doesn’t exsist.

I’m here, I’m writing, I can find it on Goggle, your here reading this . . .so it does in fact exsist.

All of my stats, and many of my comments are gone.  😦

I wonder if there is a way to retrieve them?




8 responses

1 05 2007

i have the same problem. i just sent them an email too… i really hope this is just a bump in the road!

1 05 2007

Not that I wish problems on anyone, but it totally makes me feel better that its happening to something else. That means they know something is up, and that means they will know how to fix it.

Thanks for the headsup jRock! Thanks for visiting!

1 05 2007

is this leaving you annoyed and frustrated like me?

1 05 2007

Yeahhhh, big time!

Its like starting your blog all over again. . . . .

I miss my stats. . .i love knowing all the places people come in from, and where they click when at my blog . . . . .

boooo hooo!

Btw, love your blog – very funny.

2 05 2007

From Mark at WordPress : How impressed am I to get a reply in LESS THAN TEN HOURS from when I emailed them!!! WOOO HOO WORDPRESS!!!

“Mark @”
to me

show details
4:34 am (2½ hours ago)
I am really sorry – something went wrong (I know that is stating the painfully obvious) but we really did try to fix this as fast as we could. We are checking now that everything is in fact back to how it should be.
No information was lost and the blog is safe.
I very much apologise for this.


2 05 2007

I tottally had the same issue last night and got freaked out…

I didn’t get an email back yet though…


2 05 2007

Skywindows, is everything fixed on your site?

I expect that everyone who was online had the erasure issue (Fracas as example, still had stats when I logged onto her site after the fiasco)


2 05 2007

yea, its all fixed now, but still, I love when I get a personal email from a guy named Mark… makes me feel speshial…

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