This is not fast food. It is slow food :

25 04 2007

Have you ever wondered how long cheese takes to age, or the process it takes to make it.

Now the makers of West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers invite you to watch cheese ripening. . .LIVE!

They have a webcam that allows you to continually, live and un interupted, view the ripening of cheese!

The process should take about a year (and we are only a mear 125 days in).  For those that are a little impatient, or weren’t able to enjoy watching grass grow – there are links on the main home page to time lapsed YouTube videos.

Is it me, or is this all a little cheesy?

(Gawd I love puns)

Yahoo News 

First placed in front of a Webcam in late December, the Westcombe cheddar from West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers leaped to public attention in early February and has since attracted viewers from 119 countries.

LONDON (Reuters) – A large English cheddar cheese has become a star of the Internet, attracting more than 1 million viewers to sit and stare at it as it slowly ripens”The hits went over 1 million this morning. It has been a real challenge keeping the cheese up and running with all the interest it has generated,” a spokesman for the company running the Web site,, said on Wednesday.

Watchers have tuned in from as far afield as Albania and New Zealand, although most are from the United States where a school has even sent in pictures of two crocodiles to guard the cheese.

“The whole idea was to show people how real food is made — and it seems to be working,” cheesemaker Tom Calver said. “It takes a year for the cheese to mature. This is not fast food. It is slow food.”




4 responses

26 04 2007

1 million visitors. To basically watch nothing happening. Weird.

26 04 2007

Iced Mocha, welcome on back from your hiatus!

You should watch the ‘time lapse’ videos. . . .its like a explosion of excitment!

8 05 2007
Dr. Judith L. Bezeredi

After Stilton, Cheddar is the best. However, not the Mild, it should be discontinued.

8 05 2007

Ewwww! You like cheeses just like my husband. . . the closer to stinky feet the better.

I enjoy a good mature cheedar, but I love mild and creamy cheeses, like havariti.

Thanks for stopping by Doctor. . . .

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