21 04 2007

Tonight we went for a meal at the Old Port in Montreal at the historic 200 year old Gibby’s Restaurant.

 Anyone from Montreal understands that Gibby’s is an institution of culinary delights.

Gibby’s is a steakhouse, with the most amazing cuts of beef going.

Its the kind of steak you talk about, days, weeks, months, years later!  Trust me, its that good.

Mrs Graham had the Beef Wellington, I had the New York Sirloin, and both Colin and Mr Graham had the Gibby’s Cut steak.

Awesome meal.

After the meal, we walked along the boardwalk on the Old Port, and talked to the crew of the HMCS Halifax ship which was docked at the Port.





2 responses

27 04 2007

Gibby’s is awesome! Too bad I don’t eat meat anymore though…

27 04 2007

Gibby’s is soooooo good, it could make you switch.

Do they have anything that isn’t meat????

i was well distracted with all the meaty goodness to notice vegetables.

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