Getting Rear Ended sucks Arse.

17 04 2007

We got rear ended this morning.

I was at a stop sign and the lady behind me just kept driving, up my arse.

There is no physical (to the eye) damage to the car, but I’m taking it in to be sure.  If there is damage the lady has been told to expect the bill.

My neck is stiff from being tense, and all I’ve been able smell all morning is “airbag”.

And anyone who has been in an accident of any size or magnitude that the airbag goes off knows you become very senstive to that scent.  I think it triggers fear and cold for me

I’m fine.  No bumps or bruises.  I’m shaken, as is expected.  




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18 04 2007

Wow Joey,

Glad your ok.

It sucks to get rear-ended and you will look in your rear view for many years to come whenever you are stopped.

19 04 2007

I know what you mean. . . .

I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach now when I come to that stop sign now.


6 02 2008
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1 05 2008

Hey thanks fo making me laugh when I needed to. I got rear arsed this afternoon. Just so happened my cell phone was at home. No one would call for help for me, guess I’m old school – I thought a police report was in order. Apparently all the “rearArser” has to do is give you a name and phone number and move on down the road. The irate CHP cop just told me it was a civil matter. My car is ruined, “Good luck getting home, &
go to the CHP HQ & file a counter report, I mean the surface type of counter not the opposition…blah blah I don’t care…”

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